Tina Mukerji: FUBAR character explained

In FUBAR, Tina Mukerji is an analyst from the NSA who is loaned to the CIA to assist Luke’s team on their mission against Boro. Aparna Brielle plays Tina.

Apart from the CIA, the NSA has also been hunting Boro down, and the CIA intends to use all the resources. Therefore, Tina is brought in to join the team.

For the most part, Tina works from the headquarters by Barry’s side and assists Luke’s team, who are carrying out their mission on the ground. Over the course of the show, Tina proves to be a valuable addition to the team.

Barry and Tina’s relationship

Barry is attracted to Tina at first sight. Though he keeps quiet, Roo figures out that Barry has a crush on her. She helps him win Tina after retrieving all the information about her and everything she loves.

Barry is told to act macho and abandon his nerd persona if he wants someone like Tina. In order to impress her, he often goes above and beyond. For example, he volunteers to be the replacement for Great Dane, who is in prison. He stays in prison in place of Dane while the team takes Dane outside for help.

Tina Mukerji: FUBAR character explained 1
Tina and Barry go undercover for a mission

Tina talks to him and comforts him while he faces the horrors of a cell. After finishing this mission, Barry asks Tina out, and they start dating. They even work together on another on-field mission. Barry eventually discloses to her that he is a nerd. It turns out that Tina figured that out long ago because she is a nerd too.

After learning that Tina will be going back to the NSA once this mission against Boro is over, Barry contacts his colleagues and calls in favors to make sure that she doesn’t leave their team. Hence, their relationship continues.

Is Tina a mole?

In the sixth episode of FUBAR, Volek from the SVR meets Boro to propose a deal. They know that he is looking for Finn Hoss, as in Luke. Volek informs Boro that they have embedded a mole in the CIA for a while now, going by the codename Songbird.

They can have Songbird give the identity of Finn Hoss to Boro if he calls off the auction for his weapons and gives them right away to SVR.

During the final moments of the show, the identities of Luke’s entire time are compromised, with every other enemy of theirs now tracking them down.

Tina is seen talking to someone on the phone in Russian, telling them that she is in the middle of something, hinting that she is probably working for SVR.

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