Thursday’s Widows summary and ending explained

Thursday’s Widows is a drama thriller taking place within a high-class community in the mountains where an accident leading to death reveals some scandalous secrets. The series is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Los Altos de las Cascadas is a community where only the wealthiest of families live in luxury but each of these families has their own secrets that they try to hide from the rest of the world as well as their neighbors.

When Teresa comes home one day to find her husband, Tano, and two of their friends, Gustavo, and Martin dead, she is rocked to her core. Another woman living in the community, Mavi, narrates how each family came to live there as she is a real estate agent who sold many of their houses.

Tano and Teresa have two children and a comfortable life because Tano is a tenacious man who always goes after what he wants and rarely backs down. Teresa has dreams of moving to Miami and when they find out that Tano’s boss is in town, she gets excited.

However, Tano finds out that the entire Mexican division of the company is being shut down and all the employees are being laid off, including him. Tano isn’t sure what to do but he keeps it a secret from everyone.

Mavi sees him at a coffee shop in the city one day but she pretends like she didn’t see him. Carmen is married to the skilled plastic surgeon Ernesto Insua and owes her entire figure and face to his work. She’s obsessed with her image and tries to mold everything around her to her liking.

She was keen on having children but when she wasn’t able to have her own, she decided to adopt a boy and a girl. She wants Ernesto to get along with the other husbands in the community but he finds them immature and prefers to spend his time alone.

Martin is part of a political party started by his grandfather and he’s married to Lali, with whom he has several children. Martin lived an easy life thanks to his position in the party, but when he decides to go out on his own, things don’t go as planned.

He pours money into his campaign but it doesn’t pan out as he only succeeds in putting his own family in a state of despair. Gustavo Maldonado and his wife Carla are the new couple in the community.

Gustavo is very ambitious but also very controlling of his wife. When he doesn’t hear from her for a while, he gets insecure and takes his anger out on her, even punching her one time.

Mavi’s husband Ronie used to be well respected but after he was replaced at his company, all Ronie did was tend to his marijuana greenhouse and get high all day while Mavi supported the family and looked for ways to keep them afloat.

On Thursdays, the ladies would gather together and gossip while the men would meet at Tano’s place to hang out. The ladies got the nickname “Thursday’s widows” because, on that day, it was as if they didn’t have husbands.

Carmen’s daughter Ramona, and Mavi’s son Juandi would roam around the community and secretly observe the families from the bushes or trees. They happen to get a recording of the moment where Tano, Gustavo, and Martin lose their lives.

Thursday’s Widows ending explained in detail:

What was Tano’s plan?

Tano was advised by his friend Alfredo, that he should set up a life insurance policy in his name so that he can provide for his family even after he is gone. He goes ahead and convinces Martin and Gustavo to do the same since they’ve also got troubles.

Carla decides to leave Gustavo and escapes with Mavi’s help. Martin doesn’t know how to make things right again and feels that Tano’s idea is the best way to support his family.

Tano feels like a loser and hopes to find a way for his wife to move to Miami and have the life that she has always wanted.

What is in the video?

Ramona and Juandi see Tano drown Martin and Gustavo in the pool before his automated snow machine rolls into the pool, electrocuting him.

At the funeral, Ramona tells Juandi to send the video to everyone so they know what happened and he sends it on the “Thursday’s widows” group chat.

There is panic all around but Alfredo gathers them all and tells them that they would be better off maintaining that this was an accidental death so they can still claim the insurance payout.

What about Mavi and Ronie?

Ronie is not convinced by Tano’s plan and heads back home where he smokes a joint on the ledge of his terrace. When the snow machine falls into the pool, it causes a blackout which distracts Ronie who falls down.

Mavi has been feeling unappreciated by Ronie and she ends up sleeping with Wagner, the head of security for the community. She gets home right at the moment when Ronie falls down and she rushes him to the hospital.

She tells him that he must start contributing to the family and not be a bum anymore. Ronie returns from the hospital in a motorized chair and Mavi feels guilty so she admits to him that she slept with someone else.

They have to live with the knowledge of everything that took place and somehow move forward with their lives.

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