The theft of the Heart in Heart of Stone explained

In Heart of Stone, Parker and Keya manage to make the impossible possible by stealing the Heart, the Charter’s most valuable and dangerous asset.

The Charter, an agency of the most highly trained spies, relies heavily on the Heart, an AI technology so powerful that it can even predict the future. The Charter derives its power from the Heart.

The secret agency is aware that the Heart can be a dangerous weapon if it falls into the wrong hands. Hence, the Heart is kept secure in a locker that stays 85,000 feet up in the sky and cannot be reached without a space shuttle. However, Keya and Parker still succeed in stealing it.

A solid plan

Mulvaney tells Parker about the Heart, but he does not know where it is stored, as the Charter spies are privy to that information. Keya and Parker also know that the Charter has infiltrated MI6. They have a plan to steal the Heart, but they need to find the infiltrator to make it work.

Parker and Keya lure Parker’s MI6 team to Lisbon and get their men to attack them. As expected, Parker discovers that the infiltrator is Rachel Stone, so he injures her with a poisoned knife, which paralyzes her. He then injects a device into her body.

Heart of Stone theft
Parker injects a device into Stone’s body

A barely conscious Stone is taken to the Hearts team HQ. The device in Stone’s body delivers a Trojan wirelessly to the Charter’s system. By the time Stone gathers the strength to take the device out of her body and destroy it, it is already too late.

The Hearts team thinks that there have been attempts to access thousands of files, but their security could not be breached. Stone asks them to shut it all down until they find out what really happened, but they ignore her advice.

What they fail to figure out is that when their system was briefly compromised, Keya left a code behind that has been lying dormant in their system. Keya and Parker find out about the Heart’s locker, and no one discovers Keya’s code.

When Keya and Parker are ready to steal the Heart, the code gets activated, and the locker starts descending. The security system is of no use, and Jack of Hearts is locked out of the system. Jack fails to override the code, and although Stone gets there in time to save the Heart, Parker still manages to steal it.

Parker uses the Heart to destroy the Charter. While he fails to do that, the Club team and the King of Diamond end up losing their lives. The theft of the Heart shakes the foundation of an agency as powerful as the Charter.

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