The world of Nimona explained

Nimona’s story takes place in a world that is a blend of the medieval and modern worlds, called the realm. It’s futuristic yet has a retro feel.

The existing kingdom of Nimona in the realm was formed by adhering to the words of Gloreth. She saved the ancestors of the people living here a thousand years ago from a monster lurking in the shadows.

To make sure that her people are never vulnerable again, Gloreth trained an elite force of knights and decreed that their descendants will protect the realm for years to come. At the same time, to have a happy ending, they should never let their guard down.

A thousand years later

For a thousand years, the kingdom has been thriving because they followed Gloreth’s words. The Institution is responsible for making sure of it. They train the knights who will protect the kingdom. The monarchy still exists and works hand in hand with the Institution.

The realm is more advanced than ever. Flying cars, mobile devices, underground rail networks, and pizzas are common in this world that has stuck to its traditions.

The world of Nimona explained 1
Ballister looks at the realm after Nimona’s big sacrifice

The knights are treated as celebrities. The knighting ceremony, in particular, is one of the biggest events in the realm.

However, for the first time in 1000 years, traditions get cast aside when the queen allows a commoner in the form of Ballister to become a knight. It is revealed that most of the people of the kingdom are against this decision, including the Institution.

The wall

The realm might be advanced, but it has isolated itself within the tall walls that surround it. The Institution built the wall in hopes of keeping the monster that resides on the other side at bay.

It is revealed that the people of the kingdom have never dared to cross the wall. In fact, they have actually never seen what lives out there for a thousand years, and they don’t even want to know. They have been following Gloreth’s words blindly and navigating their lives within the walls.

According to the Director, making a commoner a knight was the first crack in the wall. Going against Gloreth’s word will welcome the monster from the dark. For the Director, this comes true when she sees Nimona, the same shapeshifter who was called a monster by the people and faced Gloreth a thousand years ago, come back and help Ballister.

Nimona is hated and rejected by the realm. She finally proves everyone wrong by saving the realm from the attack of the Director’s canon, which is on top of the wall and can kill thousands.

The collision between Nimona and the attack tears a part of the wall down. For the first time in years, the people of the realm see the world beyond the wall open to them.

With Nimona becoming a hero, the fear of a monster lurking in the shadows is dismissed, and now there is a bigger world for the people of the realm to explore.

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