The Violence Action ending explained: Does Terano survive?

Netflix’s ‘The Violence Action’ is an offbeat Japanese assassin movie, adapted from the manga series of the same name.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers.

Plot summary

The storyline of ‘The Violence Action’ revolves around Kei Kikuno. She is an assassin who appears to be a friendly and attractive girl next door but is actually a top hitman. Kei handles jobs expertly thanks to her gun knowledge and physical capabilities.

Kei is hired for assassination by Kinoshita, the second in command of the Denma-gumi, the biggest yakuza gang in eastern Japan – one such that may cause danger to her own life.

Terano, the boy she met on a bus, is involved as well. He is known to be the ‘esteemed money handler of the Denma-gumi. Soon enough, Terano becomes one of Kei’s targets.

Things get messier when another top-tier assassin, Michitaka, is brought into the picture. The protagonist has dreams of her own, which she keeps mentioning.

Her wish is to become a bookkeeper; but, her first battle is to fight against Denma-gumi, and another assassin, in order to steer clear of trouble.

The Violence Action ending explained in detail:

Does Terano survive?

After Kura’s death – Terano takes things into his own hands. He becomes a prime suspect for stealing the money and escaping. The mobsters are on his trail. Kei is in fact hired to assassinate him as well.

In the climax scene, Terano attaches something that resembles a bomb to Kinoshita’s hand. Both struggle against each other, and fall off the bridge, into a river. As they fall and an explosion takes place.

Kei and others on the scene consider Kinoshita and Terano dead. As a final ‘goodbye’, Kei throws 30 yens into the river – she finally repays the debt she owed Terano.

In the final scene, Kei is seen to be on her way to her Book-keeping examination. Right before she enters the institute, she receives a message.

She receives an image of cheesecake and 30 yens on the table. Previously, Terano had mentioned to her that if he got to go to New York, he would have a cheesecake there.

From this final scene, it is concluded that Terano is alive and in New York. Kei then speaks of how any dream, be it small or big, is worth surviving for.

What happens to Michitaka?

During the intense fight scene with Kei, Michitaka is severely bruised. After putting up a good fight, Kei defeats Michitaka and him into a water body. He is presumed dead by the Denma-gumi’s gang members.

However, towards the very end of the movie, it is seen that Michitaka is very much alive. He is found at the Ramen shop, or rather the assassin’s den (the place where Kei goes to).

He devours a bowl of ramen and confirms that he would come back, before leaving the place. This scene hints that there could be a sequel in the future.

Is Kinoshita alive?

While one does know the fate of Terano’s, it is unclear as to whether or not Kinoshita is dead. The Denma-gumi is no longer having quarrels over power and dominance since Kinoshita is no more.

Since Terano did survive, there is a possibility that Kinoshita survived as well. The ending of ‘The Violence Action’ leaves Kinoshita’s fate ambiguous.

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