The Upshaws part 4 summary and ending explained

The Upshaws part 4 follows the titular family as they deal with Regina’s diagnosis and Lucretia gets into financial trouble. The episodes are streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Bennie and the kids are having trouble around the house without Regina there but they are trying to be supportive following her depressive episode. She is staying at Lucretia’s place and Lucretia comes over to help Bennie with the kids.

Regina has been going to therapy to get better before she moves back in. Meanwhile, Aaliyah, Kelvin, and Maya are taking care of themselves with some help from Bennie.

Regina’s therapist says that she would like to talk to Bennie to get a different perspective on what she has been through. Lucretia is also getting tired of Regina as a house guest because Regina uses up all of her fancy stuff.

Bennie initially skips out on his appointment but later realizes that he would be helping Regina by going so they attend a session together. Bennie finds out that Regina hasn’t been completely honest with the therapist and he storms off.

She goes to apologize and has a major breakthrough about how she’s always had to be in control of her life and be perfect for everyone else which led to her episode. She concludes that she can be selfish sometimes and doesn’t have to cater to everyone else all the time.

Despite feeling better, Regina isn’t ready to move back in yet and she keeps delaying. Kelvin is caught with weed in his bag during his high school basketball game but Bennie takes the rap for it before telling Kelvin to make better decisions.

Aaliyah is frustrated because her mother left and she is left alone because Savannah and Kelvin are dating. She is also preparing for her driver’s test.

Bernard wants to open up a boxing gym and asks Lucretia for some help but when she goes to her accountant, she finds out that all her money has been stolen.

Lucretia doesn’t want to tell anyone else about her situation because she is too ashamed. Regina goes back to work at the clinic and after giving Sheila a talk about standing up for herself, Sheila returns to say that she was fired and would like to work with Regina.

Bennie’s mother shows up to tell Bennie that she’s done with a life of crime. One night, two men threaten Bennie about some money that his mother owed.

He wants to help her and she suggests selling his valuable baseball cards. She is actually scamming Bennie but he remains one step ahead of her and calls her out about it.

He does now have a ton of cash and his mother tells him that Lucretia is broke, which makes him happy.

The Upshaws part 4 ending explained in detail:

What does Bennie do with the money?

Bennie returns home one day with a car for Kelvin and Aaliyah and gifts for Maya and Bernard’s daughter. Bernard sees that there is nothing for him and storms off.

When he meets Bennie later on, he says that he’s jealous of his siblings because he didn’t get anything from Bennie growing up. Bennie shows up at Bernard’s apartment later with the cash for his boxing gym and says that someone else dropped off the car.

He tells Bernard that he’s investing in the gym because he loves his son.

How does everyone treat Lucretia?

Bennie is excited to learn that Lucretia is broke and keeps making fun of her. Regina finds out from Bernard and goes to Lucretia to offer her support.

Lucretia tries several things to come up with the money to pay back what she owes to the IRS, as well as spending more time at the shop and at Bennie and Regina’s place.

She even rents out her own apartment on Airbnb.

What does Lucretia decide?

Lucretia only has two assets to rely on, her building, and the auto shop. She isn’t sure what to do but after Regina talks about being selfish once in a while and Bennie gets on her nerves, she decides to sell the shop.

Bernard shows them the location of the new boxing gym and how he’s going to make the layout. Lucretia tells Bennie and Regina about her decision and says that they’ve got the gym now since Bennie is an investor.

Right at that moment, Aaliyah crashes the car through the wall in her excitement to drive.

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