The Sineui Alliance in Uncle Samsik explained

The Sineui Alliance is considered a terrorist group and it was started by a young Kang Seong-min.

Kang Seong-min wasn’t treated very well by his father as a child, and he was also bullied by An Minchul.

Seong-min tried to kill his father but An Minchul stopped him, and he was beaten as punishment.

When he was 15 years old, Seong-min gathered some of the other children he knew, including Cha Taemin, and started the Sineui Alliance.

He wrote the code of conduct and made all of them repeat it repeatedly so that it was ingrained in their brains.

Working for one man

Their first act together was killing Seong-min’s father. They set up dynamite at a warehouse where he did business and blew him up.

Seong-min then used the members of the Sineui Alliance to get rid of his political enemies and progress in his career.

He was called out by An Minchul, who could see what he was doing and wanted a share of the benefits.

Seong-min strongly disliked Minchul and decided to get rid of him too. The Alliance tried to betray him because they were done killing for his gain.

They attempted to flee to Osaka, but Yoon Palbong captured them and Seong-min forced them to help him kill An Minchul.

Cha Taemin refused to help but before Seong-min could order his murder, Samsik suggested sending him to the salt farms as punishment.

The secret is out

When Seong-min wants Yoon Palbong killed, he tells Samsik to give the job to Cha Taemin. Cha Taemin kills Yoon Palbong but also gets Choo In Tae in the process.

Samsik sends a local reporter evidence of Seong-min’s connection to the Sineui Alliance. Professor Hwang finds the code of conduct but the police show up right then.

Pak Jiwook burns all of the evidence, but he keeps the code of conduct for his benefit. Cha Taemin goes on the run to get revenge on Seong-min.

Pak Jiwook exposes Seong-min by handing over copies of the code of conduct to other members of his party.

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