The psychic’s predictions for Rebecca in Ted Lasso season 3 explained

In Ted Lasso season 3, at her mother’s request, Rebecca meets her psychic, Tish, who makes some bold predictions for what is to come in Rebecca’s life.

Rebecca’s mother feels that her daughter is in desperate need of some maternal guidance. She arranges a meeting for her with her psychic, Tish, who might help her out.

Rebecca stays skeptical towards Tish, believing that she is looting people and her mother with her claims for years and is now doing the same with her. Regardless, she decides to meet her once for her mother’s sake.

Tish’s predictions

Rebecca’s first meeting with Tish starts off with both of them cracking jokes. Tish then mentions things Rebecca’s mother has already told her before really starting off. She also understands why Rebecca is skeptical about all of this; it turns out that her mother was skeptical too.

Tish instructs Rebecca to place her hands on a bowl with her, and she soon starts seeing things. Tish first sees a green matchbook and then hears a ridiculous spin on the phrase ‘knight in shining armor’.

The green matchbook Ted Lasso season 3
The green matchbook predicted by Tish

Tish then hears thunder and lightning and sees a drenched Rebecca turned upside down. Rebecca stops the session midway, saying that this is enough for today.

Before Rebecca can leave, Tish makes another claim. She says Rebecca will have a family and become a mother. After hearing this, Rebecca calls Tish crazy and dangerous for people.

Do the predictions come true?

Back home, Rebecca tried to look for a green matchbook but failed to find one. She soon forgets about this meeting and focuses on Zava and AFC Richmond. After winning several games, AFC Richmond and their friends celebrate at Sam’s restaurant.

To commemorate the evening, Sam hands everyone green matchbooks as gifts. The green matchbook leaves Rebecca shaken. It all doesn’t stop there, as another prediction comes true.

In the fifth episode of Ted Lasso season 3, at a restaurant, when Rebecca comes across the same green matchbook again, John Wingsnight, a man she dated in the past, approaches her with his fiancee, Jessica.

They both tell her about a funny incident. Jessica jumbles up her words and refers to John by the same ridiculous spin on the phrase ‘knight in shining armor’ that Tish predicted.

To test if these claims are really turning out to be true, Rebecca visits Dr. Wagner to see if she can still have children at this age. He assures her that what she is asking for is not far-fetched at all. He can’t guarantee it, but he has treated women her age and older before.

To see if it’s possible, Rebecca needs to go through some tests. She does, and Dr. Wagner tells her what the results are. It’s yet to be revealed if she can really get pregnant or not. The first person she calls after having a conversation with Dr. Wagner is Keeley, who is busy with Jack.

Two of the predictions have come true; one is yet to be revealed, and Rebecca getting drenched in heavy rain has not happened either.

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