The Night Agent ending explained: Does Peter save President Travers?

The Night Agent follows Peter, a low-level FBI agent, who teams up with Rose Larkin, the former CEO of a cyber-security firm, as they uncover a conspiracy at the White House. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Peter Sutherland, a low-level FBI agent, saves a metro train full of people after spotting a bomb inside. He stops the train in time, and only one person dies during the blast.

While recovering nearby, he spots the person he suspects of having dropped the bomb on the train. He gives him a chase but fails to get a hold of him. The only thing Peter was able to notice was the man’s rattlesnake tattoo.

The investigation fails to find any credible leads, and Peter is blamed for the bombing even though he was the one who saved everyone, only because his father was once found out to be a traitor to the country.

Diane Farr, the president’s chief of staff, offers Peter a position at Night Action, a top-secret investigative program within the FBI. Peter will be working in the basement of the White House, where there is an emergency line.

The Night Agents from Night Action usually work on top-secret missions, and when things go out of hand, they contact through that emergency line.

Peter will be sitting on the line, and he will pass along their message to the Deputy Director of the FBI, Jamie Hawkins, or Farr. Peter sees this position as a demotion, as the job only sounds like a glorified 911 for FBI agents.

A year later, Peter does receive a call on the line from Rose Larkin, whose uncle and aunt’s house gets attacked by two terrorists. Rose survives with a little help from Peter, but her uncle and aunt, who were secretly FBI agents, don’t.

Diane instructs Peter to get Rose away from the local police, as she is far more important now that she is a witness. Peter picks her up, and on their way to Peter’s house, they are attacked by two terrorists. Rose recognizes one of them as the murderer of her uncle and aunt.

Though Peter brings her safely to the White House the next day, Rose doesn’t know who she can trust. Before the deaths of her uncle and aunt, she overheard them saying that an attack will take place in seven days and that someone from the White House is a traitor.

Rose stays quiet about what she actually knows and doesn’t disclose most of the information, not even to Peter, until he proves that he is on her side by saving her from her attackers for the second time.

The first person they suspect is Hawkins, who winds up dead, leaving Rose and Peter confused about who else could be the traitor.

They crack down on the code language that Rose’s uncle and aunt were speaking, and those words lead them to a hard drive. The duo gains access to the highly-secured drive by breaking into the FBI’s system. Peter steals Farr’s card in order for them to do so.

It turns out that Rose’s uncle and aunt were investigating the metro bombing from last year, the one in which Peter was involved. The drive leads Rose and Peter to an engineer who might have worked with her uncle and aunt on this mission.

Talking to the engineer helps Rose and Peter realize that the target wasn’t the metro; the target was the two blocks above the train. The CCTV footage of a cafe further reveals that the target was a person who was sitting there and was being protected by Secret Service agent Chelsea Arrington.

Peter approaches Arrington, who is on the detail of Maddie Redfield, the daughter of Vice President Ashley Redfield. She clarifies that she wasn’t protecting Maddie that day but won’t say who she was protecting. Later, Maddie gets kidnapped by the person with the rattlesnake tattoo.

From Hawkins’ wife, Peter learns that Hawkins was close to Rose’s aunt and uncle. The day he died, he met someone from the company called Turn Lake Industries.

Rose, on the other hand, investigates and finds out that the person she saw killing her uncle and aunt had connections with Turn Lake Industries. So, the person behind Turn Lake Industries is behind this whole mess.

Through the FEC’s public database of campaign donations, they learn that the CEO of Turn Lake Industries, Gordon Wick, is good friends with Vice President Ashley Redfield from the White House.

Peter reports all of this to Diane Farr, who accidentally talks about Rose being with a trooper. Peter did tell her that she is with a friend of his, but he didn’t tell her that this friend is a trooper. Peter concludes that Farr is also involved in this, considering that she is tracking Rose. Therefore, he escapes.

Rose gets targeted by one of her attackers, but Peter comes to the rescue and kills one of them. Peter and Rose hide in Peter’s godfather’s boat. Farr spreads lies, and the news channels report that Peter has gone rogue; he is a traitor who has kidnapped Maddie Redfield.

The Night Agent ending explained in detail:

Who is the man with the rattlesnake tattoo?

The man who kidnapped Maddie Redfield is Colin Worley, the man with the rattlesnake tattoo. A year ago, Wick had assigned Worley to place the bomb in the metro, but Peter got in the way. To cover his tracks, Wick ordered Worley to be killed.

Unfortunately, Wick’s men ended up killing Worley’s twin brother, Matteo. Since then, Worley has picked up his brother’s identity and is now working against Wick, Farr, and Redfield by kidnapping Redfield’s daughter.

Worley wants Redfield to confess that he is responsible for the metro bombing from last year so that he can avenge his brother.

Does Maddie get rescued?

Peter and Rose look into the suspects involved in the metro bombing. They come across the profile of Colin Worley, who died a day before his FBI interview, which sounds suspicious.

Looking into his files, which Rose retrieves using her smart instincts, results in them getting Worley’s photos, which also show his rattlesnake tattoo. Peter immediately recognizes him to be the bomber.

Before they can start hunting him down, Agent Arrington and her partner, Monks, catch them, as they are told Peter is the kidnapper.

Peter and Rose convince Arrington and Monks that they have nothing to do with Maddie; they are also looking for her kidnapper. Initially, even Arrington and Monks hadn’t bought that Peter could have kidnapped Maddie since no evidence pointed toward him. So they all work together.

Meanwhile, Worley makes Maddie send videos to the world, warning that if her father doesn’t speak up, he will kill her. In one of the videos, she sends a coded message to Arrington.

Peter, Rose, Arrington, and Monks locate Maddie and rescue her. They lose Worley as one of the terrorists, who was after Rose, came with new orders from Wick to finish Worley. Rose kills the attacker before she can harm anyone else.

What is Farr, Redfield, and Wick’s plan?

While working together, Arrington revealed to Peter that she was protecting Omar Zadar, the current leader of PIF, the day the metro bombings took place. So Omar Zadar was the original target.

Over a year ago, Farr got involved in Redfield and Wick’s mess. They were targeting Omar Zadar as he was a threat to Wick’s business.

Redfield tells Farr that Omar Zadar could be a threat to them as well if he seizes control of the US military equipment, and that’s why they tried to get rid of him.

Now, according to Redfield, if an investigation is carried out into the metro bombings, the whole White House could be in jeopardy, including the President, who is also a close friend of Farr’s.

Farr covered up the metro bombing that year, but the plans to target Omar Zadar have continued. Everyone has gotten suspicious about Redfield, especially since discovering Worley’s connection to the metro bombings.

President Michelle Travers has also started suspecting Farr, and she has arranged a meeting with Zadar, which Farr doesn’t know about.

Meanwhile, Wick and Redfield have also changed their plans and are not targeting just Zadar but President Travers too, at a place called Camp David, where they will be meeting.

Does President Travers get rescued?

Wick and Redfield change plans and don’t tell Farr because they know she will not allow them to kill President Travers. After learning this from Peter, Farr helps him and Rose break into Camp David.

Two bombs are planted: one inside the mansion where Zadar and President Travers will have a meeting and one on President Travers’ plane. The communications are down, so there is no way to alert the president’s detail.

Rose gets the communications working, allowing Arrington, who is there to protect Maddie, to alert everyone. Arrington gets Maddie out before the bomb can go off.

Meanwhile, Peter gets a hold of President Travers and attempts to convince her bodyguards that there is a bomb in the plane. Once the bomb explodes, everyone becomes convinced, and President Travers is saved.

Where does everyone end up?

Farr and Redfield are arrested. The whole world is going to despise them while they spend time behind bars. Only Gordon Wick has managed to escape from all of this.

Since Peter has saved her life, President Michelle Travers wonders what she can do for him. He then asks for the truth about his father. From a video, Peter learns that his father did sell secrets to a foreign agent.

Peter’s father had agreed to be a double agent for the FBI and was in the process of being prepped for deployment. The foreign agent killed Peter’s father to stop him from helping the FBI.

President Travers sees Peter’s talents and offers him the position of Night Agent. Peter and Rose part ways and promise to stay in touch with each other.

Meanwhile, Maddie rejects having extra protection, as she believes she should learn to protect herself from now on. Arrington, on the other hand, is offered a position in President Travers’ detail.

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