Who is the narrator of Fleishman Is in Trouble?

Toby Fleishman’s life in Fleishman Is in Trouble is certainly not narrated by him but by someone who is quite close to him. The first two episodes of the show are now streaming on Hulu.

Toby Fleishman wakes up to a new start, with women storming onto his phone following his divorce from Rachel. It’s more or less like Toby is living his good old college days all over again.

Apart from that, he also received a promotion at work and even got together with his two best friends, Seth and Libby, with one of them observing his life up close and telling the viewers his story.

The narrator of Toby’s life

Elizabeth ‘Libby’ Epstein is the one to watch Toby’s life turning the other way around and is also the narrator of Fleishman Is in Trouble. Libby was away from Toby for years, ever since he got married to Rachel.

Upon hearing about their divorce, she didn’t hold back to express how much she hated Rachel. Libby took a break from her life as a housewife in New Jersey and took a ride to the big city to meet Toby.

Libby Fleishman Is in Trouble
Libby gets a reality check on her life after watching Toby’s new start

Toby caught her up on his recent dating adventures, and Libby was in awe. He expressed how he is proud of her as he has seen her work in magazines, only for Libby to reveal that she doesn’t work for that magazine anymore.

In fact, she isn’t working anywhere, which is probably why she is taking notes from Toby’s life

The reason Libby is comparing her life with Toby

While narrating Toby’s life, Libby claimed that she is quite obsessed with Toby’s dating adventures. She isn’t in love with him or anything like that. She doesn’t even want to divorce her husband, Adam, who is a lawyer.

The only thing is that Toby’s life is unpredictable all over again. While she felt old, Toby, on the other hand, was feeling young once again, despite them being the same age.

She receives a gift from Seth that contains a pen and a quote that should ignite a fire within her.

She had left her career behind to be a housewife, and that’s probably the reason she is now into Toby’s new start, which is full of new possibilities, and that’s how she became the narrator of the show.

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