The Marked Heart season 2 summary & ending explained

The Marked Heart season 2 sees Zacarías torture Camila and Simón as part of his vengeance, as the lovers try to save their love and their loved ones.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

A year and a half later, Camila spends her stay in Turkey after her escapade interrupted by Zacarías’s men, as she constantly looks over her shoulder and learns that he’s found out about her faked death.

She has to move to Mexico, where Simón lives, and she reunites with him as well, but only to find that she has been lured into a trap, along with Simón and his family. Simón receives a shattering news from Zacarías regarding Samantha.

Camila proposes a daring deal to Zacarías but he refuses to take her up on her offer. To help Samantha with her condition that Zacarías caused, Simón and Tomás go to great lengths which land them in a precarious situation that’s visible to all of the country.

Greta confronts and threatens Zacarías while Simón’s bravery bears fruit. Samantha’s situation worsens as the family’s improving luck shatters with one blow from the enemy. Zacarías poses a truly macabre choice to Simón who ultimately has to give in to the pressure.

Cardenás catches up to what Zacarías has been involved in and his connections with the Organization as well. He gives him a deadline to get rid of them while Camila asks Greta for help with Samantha.

Simón’s desperation weighs on him as Nicky falls prey to the Organization, while Zacarías also faces a series of setbacks in his political career. Everything converges into a gun fight at the Eden Club, where Tulio and his cop friends arrive, and Simón has to resort to violence as well.

Zacarías goes through with a shocking plan; Cardenás tries to escape his downfall with Greta; Sarmiento is detained, Samantha’s heart transplant is successful; Lorena is backstabbed by her husband.

The Marked Heart season 2 ending explained in detail:

What happens to Zacarías?

Zacarías turns into a psychopathic monster in his quest for vengence against Camila, and especially Simón. He wants to show them the pain and the helplessness he felt when Camila needed a heart transplant, and he does it by deliberately weakening Samantha’s heart to the point it approaches total failure, forcing her to have a heart transplant.

To save his daughter, Simón must be forced to make the same kind of macabre choice as Zacarías did, and seek out Sarmiento and his organ trafficking ways to help Sam. However, Simón does his best to seek out more appropriate and humane ways, only for Zacarías to intervene and destroy his hope.

Zacarías leaves no stones unturned in his malicious strategy to constricts all ways that can help Simón and Camila to have a shot at a happy life. By the end of The Marked Heart season 2, though, he’s shown to have a realization whereupon he sees himself for what he’s become.

Leaving a last video for Camila, he makes a shocking decision, and after Simón, Nicky, and Tomás overcome Mariachi and other men, Zacarías volunteers to become Samantha’s donor himself, going through with the operation with the help of Sarmiento.

Simón eventually learns of this fact and is understandably conflicted out of his mind. One thing is clear for him, though, and that is to never let this truth reach Samantha’s ears. The Marked Heart season 2 ends with Camila seeing Zacarías’s video confession before his dead body with the chest scar from operation.

This seemingly confirms his death but the way the season concludes the story with so many loose ends, this all can simply be Zacarías’s master strategy.

Does Nicky survive?

Nicky is preyed upon by the Organization. Sarmiento sends Mariachi and others to bait Nicky and keep constant tabs on her to be up to date regarding Simón’s every move.

Their men Troconis is the one for the job, and as he poses as a talent manager, he successfully fools Nicky. They get her a gig at Club Eden and she thinks she’s finally gotten a golden opportunity that will propel her career and get her the fame she’s been dreaming about.

It’s gradual but Troconis develops feelings for her. And when Tulio becomes a thorn for Sarmiento and others, they decide to kidnap Nicky to blackmail him. They hang her up inside the club’s warehouse and later, Sarmiento uses her to blackmail both Tulio and Simón.

When Simón kills Mariachi, Sarmiento loses his temper and orders to have Nicky, Simón, and Tomás all killed. Simón tries to fight off the shooter after he puts one bullet in Nicky’s stomach. Tulio and his men arrive and Simón and Tomás also help out fight the gangsters.

Nicky is hospitalized and at the end of The Marked Heart season 2, she is shown to be recovering at the hospital, as a little romance between her and Tulio seems to be rekindling.

What happens to Cardenás and Lorena?

Cardenás spends the entirety of The Marked Heart season 2 being a rabid right-wing reactionary president who’s neck-deep in corruption and abuse of power. However, he’s not into the organ trafficking business that he learns Zacarías has been involved in.

Already a frequent media target, Cardenás fears further detriment to his image and presidency, which forces him to threaten Zacarías. Greta helps him but Zacarías doesn’t budge either, threatening them in various ways as well.

Meanwhile, Fausto digs deep into Zacarías’s connection with the trafficking too, as Lorena tries her best to lend him assistance and stray him away from his obsession with Camila. However, when his obsession finally results in an inescapable situation, Lorena switches sides and ditches him.

Meanwhile, Fausto happens upon the footage of his wife’s sexual affair with Zacarías and while she tries to push it under the bed and tell Fausto that they need to work together to take Zacarías out of their way, Fausto cooks up his own revenge too.

At the end of The Marked Heart season 2, Fausto and Lorena announce their denouncement and abandon of Cardenás and Zacarías, citing their trafficking connections as the reason. Cardenás starts preparing to leave with the money, along with Greta, whose sex tapes are leaked by Zacarías.

Thinking she’s off the hook, Lorena is shocked when the policy arrive and arrest her for her role in the Zacarías fallout, as Fausto gleefully tells her this is his payback for her cheating.

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