The Lost Lotteries ending explained: Does Tay’s plan work?

The Lost Lotteries follows a group of individuals as they come together to steal their winning lotteries back from the mafia. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Tay aims to be rich someday so that he can buy and give his mother everything he can. Tay’s father had left her when she was pregnant, but Tay’s birth had given her new hope.

She became the best lottery hawker in Si Phraya. Eventually, Tay took over that job when she fell into a sewer and dislocated her hip. He attended school and worked part-time as a lottery ticket seller.

Though the mother-son duo worked hard, they had their own fair share of problems in their lives. One of them is the loan Tay’s mother had taken from a man named Mr. Chye.

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Mr. Chye’s goons came knocking on her door as she was late for the payment. The mother-son duo tried to fight their way out. Tay even had a chance to run away, but in the end, the goons caught up to him.

Since Tay’s house has nothing valuable, the goons took away their bread and butter, as in their lottery tray.

Things began turning around for Tay and his mother when their tray hit the jackpot. The only problem is that Tay has lost the tray, and the clients who won the prize came looking for their tickets at Tay’s doorstep.

Each one of them desperately wanted this win. Wen is a failed actor, Khung is a boxer turned toilet cleaner, and Zoe is raising a brother on her own.

Lastly, Beat wants to sue the rich boy who got away for almost killing her father by crashing his car into their shop.

The desperation to get their lottery tickets back brought them together, and Tay devised a plan to steal them from Mr. Chye.

The plan saw Wen posing as a rich man and challenging one of Mr. Chye’s boxers to a match. Upon winning, he will ask for the best fireworks from Mr. Chye’s factory for his ailing wife’s birthday.

Zoe will act as his secretary, and Khung will be the famous boxer Somjit Jongjohor, as they both look quite alike. Mr. Chye bought this lie and accepted the challenge. This part of the plan will work as a distraction.

While the boxing bout begins, Tay and Beat, disguised as workers at Mr. Chye’s factory, will meet Zoe, who will retrieve the keys to the locker where the tray is kept from one of Mr. Chye’s goons by seducing him.

They will break in, grab the lottery tray, and run away. The plan was set, the only takeaway is that one of them might end up dying.

The Lost Lotteries ending explained in detail:

Does the group manage to steal the lottery tray?

The plan works the way it’s supposed to for a while until a few complications come in. Mr. Chye finds out that Khung is an impersonator leaving Khung and Wen no option but to run away.

Mr. Chye and his assassin Sek soon catch up and stop them from leaving.

Tay also had a second plan, where he had assigned Zoe to set Mr. Chye’s fireworks on fire. That plan works, and though Tay had to surrender his tray, he got those tickets in his hands.

The group’s last move was to split after grabbing their individual tickets.

Sek came out of the shadow with Tay’s mother at gunpoint. Tay and the group tried to free Tay’s mother, but she gets shot during the struggle.

A third backup plan was to enlist help from the soccer gambling bookmakers. They arrived on time to rescue Tay’s group from Sek. In exchange for saving their lives, they took away all their winning tickets.

Do the cops arrest Tay’s group?

Tay’s mother had to be hospitalized. She survived, but since the end of the mission had a gunfight in play, the cops came seeking information.

Tay’s group told them everything, including their absurd plan to steal their tickets back. The investigation led to the closure of Mr. Chye’s factory.

Mr. Chye ran away, and the police are yet to capture him. Tay’s group is not placed under arrest, and this ridiculous attempt helped them realize that those tickets weren’t worth risking their lives for.

Where does everyone end up?

Tay’s group wonders how they will fix their lives and glance at the truck they stole from Mr. Chye’s factory while running away.

They thought of searching for something valuable inside it and came across Mr. Chye’s fighting cock, which is worth 8 million baht.

The money allowed Khung to open a boxing gym; Wen got rich and famous and began starring in movies; Zoe spent her share on her brother’s education while she pursued different jobs; and lastly, Tay and his mother expanded their business.

Only Beat failed to make the most of that money. She hired a good lawyer to sue the rich man named Mr. Great, who is responsible for almost killing her father, but Mr. Great hired a far more competent lawyer to escape.

A few months later, her father passed away. Tay approached her and asked her to tag along on another absurd mission. With enough money in their hands, the group got along once again.

This time, to orchestrate a plan against Mr. Great to help Beat avenge her father.

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