The Green Glove Gang ending explained: Does Gujska catch the gang at the end?

Green Glove Gang is a Netflix Polish thriller about a gang of burglars who find refuge at a nursing home after a failed robbery.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

The police announce the search for the Green Glove gang after spotting a tattoo on one of the gang member’s arms. To hide their identity, Zuza, Kinga and Alicja fake disabilities to join a nursing home for old people. They find it hard to adjust to the new lifestyle.

Gradually, the gang overcomes their fear of transition and they form a bond with the residents at the nursing home. The residents ask them for help related to the poor living condition at the nursing home. 

While helping their new friends, the gang discovers the secrets behind the operations of the nursing home and its connection with the director of the funeral home. They were using the loneliness of old people to scam them. The gang helps them by stealing back the items. 

The police investigation leads the detective to the nursing home. Zuza, Kinga and Alicja get arrested. 

The Green Glove Gang ending explained in detail:

How does the gang escape?

Marzena tries to get rid of the trio and tips the police about the identity of the green glove gang.  Zuza, Alicja and Kinga deceive the police officer to hide Kinga’s tattoo and dodge suspicion. They succeed and return to the nursing home. 

Shocked to see them back, Marzena tries to kick them out. Alicja knocks her out and adds a fake tattoo to her wrist to mislead the police.

After an emotional farewell, the residents help the women escape and frame Marzena.

What happens to Marzena?

Igor helps Kinga to get Marzena arrested. He reports their crimes and her connection with the funeral home to the police. 

At the same time, Gujska’s investigation leads to the arrest of the funeral home workers for the theft of the meteorite. 

Marzena is searched. The stolen items and the tattoo on her wrist get her arrested. Later, she makes a deal with Igor to get her revenge on the green glove gang.

Does Gujska uncover the identity of the green glove gang?

After the arrest of Marzena and everyone connected to her, the police investigation is closed. 

Gujska talks to Marzena. She tells her it was the three women from the nursing home as she would never help anyone. 

Gujska restarts her search and finds the evidence connecting the three women to the crimes. She reports to Alfred but the gang has already escaped. 

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