The Girl in the Mirror (2022) ending explained: Does Alma get her memory back?

The Girl in the Mirror is a Spanish horror thriller series. After losing her memory in a bizarre accident that kills most of her classmates, Alma tries to unravel what happened that day and regain her identity.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers.

Plot summary

A group of high school students go on a trip to a resort in the mountains before graduating where they get into a lethal accident. Many students die, and some others are comatose.

Alma gets temporary amnesia and doesn’t remember who she is, or anyone else in her life when she wakes up in the hospital. Her friend Deva dies while Tom loses a leg.

After going back, Alma’s aim is to regain her lost memory. She does this by visiting familiar places and talking to people. She realises that she is being haunted by a ghost.

Soon, she learns that she had a twin sister, Lara, who died of cancer. In the end, Lara had asked to be killed in order to ease her suffering.

Alma thinks that it is Lara’s ghost that is haunting her for killing Lara. In an attempt to salvage her life, Lara had turned to mysticism in her final days.

She used the help of an ancient mystic to teach her the way to live even after dying by swapping places with another dying person who is then brought back to life.

Meanwhile, Martin, who had been missing since the accident, is found in the caves by his sister, Diana and his lover, Bruno. Martin has been prophesied to be the reincarnation of a demon, Thorein, who according to a legend will enter this world when five youths are possessed by the shadow creatures from other realms.

These five youths happen to be the comatose patients from Martin’s class. Roque is the evil one who pushes the other four bodies to the brink of death right before letting a shadow creature possess them.

Alma tries to get to know her past through Tom. Alma, Lara, Tom and Deva were best friends. Deva is shown to be in love with Tom but Tom loves Alma so Deva is consumed with jealousy. The four of them had undertaken a trip together to the mountains after Lara got diagnosed with brain cancer.

Before the accident, Alma and Deva get into a fight and they stop talking to each other. When Alma wakes up in the hospital, there are simply too many questions in her mind that have no answers.

The Girl in the Mirror ending explained in detail:

Does Alma regain her memories?

On the road trip through the mist and the mountains, Alma gets her memory back and realises that she’s actually Deva. At the time of her death right after the accident, Deva’s soul had swapped places with and occupied Alma’s body while Alma’s soul wandered lost.

The ghost that they kept seeing was not Lara but Alma’s soul trying to get its body back. Deva was trying to protect Alma from a shadow creature but once in Alma’s body, she refused to return it and lived her life through Alma.

Deva was, in fact, in love with Alma, but since Alma didn’t reciprocate she settled for inhabiting her body. The fight that Alma and Laura had was about Alma being in love with Tom. Deva was jealous and didn’t want Alma to be with him.

Likewise, it was Deva who had been with Lara at the end of her life and helped ease her suffering. Lara was at peace but Alma wasn’t. Her soul kept trying to talk to Deva and get her to switch places again.

Who is Nico?

Nico is another anomaly like Alma who was supposed to die but instead got possessed by a spirit that made her immortal. She was Deva’s former lover.

Nico identified Deva in Alma’s body early on but doesn’t reveal it until the very end. She helps Deva live her new life as she had to do the same after dying and being possessed by a man.

What happens to Martin?

The shadow creatures keep trying to reach Martin and he is in constant danger. Roque, one by one, calls the brethren of the creatures to possess five youths.

He finds Nico, lifts Laura from the coma, converts his sister, and even converts Martin’s lover, Bruno. Martin goes to Bruno’s house and there he finds himself ambushed by the five of them, waiting to kill him.

Does Alma get her body back?

After the accident Alma’s soul realises that it’s lost. With the help of the ancient mystic, Alma goes through all her memories, this time as a ghost. Deva resists at all times until finally, Alma’s ghost saves Deva from his abuser.

Deva was sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend. As Alma, Deva reveals this secret to the rest of the world. The abuser comes to kill Alma when Alma’s ghost saves her.

At this point, Deva realises her mistake. She restores Alma’s soul to her body and peacefully leaves the mortal realm.

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