The Count summary and ending explained

Netflix’s The Count is set in a fictionalized world where Pinoche is alive and has been for over two hundred and fifty years.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Augusto Pinochet finds out during the French Revolution that he’s a vampire. He comes to detest the revolutionaries and loves Marie Antoinette.

He lives for years and years looking to stamp the fires of revolution wherever and whenever he can find.

He goes to Chile eventually and overthrows the government to establish his own dictatorial rule, wreaking havoc on the country for seventeen years, before he was overthrown.

He fakes his death and lives in a remote mansion with his wife Lucía and butler Fyodor, the two of whom have been in an affair for a while.

Having lost his appetite for life, Pinochet intends to die. His children arrive, all with dreams of hoarding as much wealth as they can. Lucía doesn’t want him to die as she wants to be turned into a vampire too.

An accountant named Carmen is hired to account for all the money they’ve got from all of Pinochet’s plunder and exploitation. She is also a nun who’s been sent for a perilous task.

Before she can succeed, however, Margaret Thatcher pulls up and claims Pinochet all for herself. All the unscrupulous vultures around Pinochet are killed as the children pack up whatever valuables they can before leaving.

Pinochet and Thatcher leave and live in the same country, leading a different life, as The Count rolls the credits.

The Count ending explained in detail:

Who is the count’s mother?

Augusto Pinochet, aka the count’s mother, is Margaret Thatcher, who also faked her death and is a vampire-like Pinochet. She arrives to set her son straight and tell him the truth about his lineage.

She was an English seasonal worker in the vineyard of Southern France. One of the sailors raped her. He was named Strigoi, and he then bit her neck too, turning her into a vampire and leaving her with a child.

This child was Pinochet, and she left him in a basket with a note since she couldn’t take care of him. Meanwhile, she also killed Strigoi. She crossed the channel to Great Britain and in 1951, married Dennis Thatcher.

She became the Iron Lady, the prime minister of the UK and after two centuries of looking for her child, she did find him and help him with this trial, all while he had no idea who she was to him. She finally comes to take her son and tell him that she’s the only love of his life.

Who is Carmen?

Carmen is a nun, a very devout one by the looks of it. Her unwavering faith is mixed with his tendency to give in to sexual urges, which she tries to paint as her attempt at seducing the devil and showing the might of the god to him.

She is also really gifted in mathematics, which is why she’s able to be recruited as an accountant to help with tracking all of Pinochet’s assets.

She seduces Pinochet successfully and gains powers after he bites her. Meanwhile, she’s on a mission of the church. She’s been told by the church to steal the wealth to help their religious institution.

She thinks she can exorcise Pinochet but isn’t able to. Neither is she able to do anything with the accounting. She’s eventually killed by Fyodor on Pinochet’s orders.

What happens to Fyodor and Lucía?

Fyodor remained a loyal strong and helped Pinochet against the Russians. For his loyalty, he was bitten by Pinochet and turned into a vampire.

However, he’s not all that loyal because he’s been having an affair with the count’s wife Lucía. When Pinochet wishes to die, Fyodor wants to aid him in doing just that.

Pinochet knows about Fyodor and Lucía’s affair. At the end of The Count, Fyodor and Lucía’ join hands in defeating Pinochet but end up getting killed themselves. Lucía is impaled by Pinochet while Fyodor is caught and then hacked to death by Pinochet.

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