The Claus Family 3 summary and ending explained

In The Claus Family 3, Norah discovers her brother and grandfather’s secret and wishes to be Santa with them, but Jules is reluctant to share the role with her. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Suzanne goes on a ski holiday with Jules and Norah as well as her boyfriend, Jeff, as she wishes to take this opportunity to show her children that Jeff would be a good addition to their family. Suzanne also plans to propose to Jeff.

Jeff, Suzanne, and the children are joined by Noël and Joan. Jules and Noël are going to continue the work of Santa and deliver presents to children everywhere. Norah overhears their conversation, which makes her curious.

When they reach the hotel, Jules and Noël discover that Holger and Gunna hid in Noël’s bag and came to the holiday with him, leaving the hall of presents to Ikka and Joel. A curious Norah sneaks into her grandfather’s room when he is not there to find out what Jules and Noël have been hiding.

She finds the snow globe and uses it to travel to the North Pole. Holger and Gunna witness this and tell Jules about it. Norah explores the hall of presents until Jules finds her and brings her back to the hotel.

Now that Norah knows that her grandfather and brother are Santa Claus, she wants to be Santa with them. However, Jules is not willing to include her in their adventures, as he believes that his sister is too young and also because he does not want to share the role of Santa with her.

Noël tells Jules that his father would not have wanted him to exclude Norah, as being Santa is not a competition. That night, Noël allows Norah to accompany him and Jules when they go to deliver the presents.

He warns her not to touch anything there and asks her not to reveal their secret to anyone, which is the most important rule. Noël, Norah, and Jules go to a house in Mexico to deliver presents. 

However, Norah accidentally rings a bell and alerts the residents of the house that someone has broken in, which results in them calling the police. While Norah and Jules get away, Noël is arrested and put in prison. 

Jules, who was always reluctant to share his role with his sister, scolds her for messing everything up. Noël calls Jules from prison and asks him to take care of Christmas, but he wants him to include Norah in his work.

Jules has no intentions of working with Norah. As he is angry with her, he refuses to let her help him find their grandfather. Jules then tries to find the coordinates of the prison his grandfather is in.

Meanwhile, Norah meets a skiing champion named Felix. The two children are the same age, but while Norah gets to be carefree, Felix is not allowed to be a child. He is told by his trainer that he needs to focus on his training and nothing else. 

As Felix has been taught that winning is the only thing that matters, he bullies Norah, who is not good at skiing. When Felix challenges Norah, she agrees to race him to a chalet on a mountain. 

Norah uses the snow globe to get to the top before Felix and overhears him talking to his trainer. Felix wants to go home and be with his family, but he is forced to train because he has a qualifying race the next day.

Norah decides to help Felix. She shows him the globe and uses it to take him to his family home, where Felix hears his parents talking. His father, who is a skiing champion, tells his mother that he is going to disown Felix if he does not win the race.

When Felix hears this, he returns to the hotel with Norah and runs away after snatching the snow globe from her. Norah tries to convince him to return the globe, but Felix refuses, as he plans to use the globe to win the race.

At the same time, Jules figures out where Noël’s is. Noël is in trouble, and Jules needs to rescue him as soon as possible. He then finds out that they do not have the snow globe anymore, as Norah broke the most important rule and revealed their family’s secret to Felix.

The Claus Family 3 ending explained in detail:

Does Norah manage to get the snow globe back?

Jules rebukes his sister for breaking the rules. Now it is not just their grandfather who needs saving but also Christmas. When Jules walks away, the paper with the coordinates of the prison, where Noël is being kept, falls out of his pocket.

Norah picks it up and decides to rescue Noël all by herself, as she is the one who caused all this trouble. She, along with Gunna, goes to the chalet where Felix has taken the snow globe. 

She asks Gunna to scare Felix, which leads to a frightened Felix hiding in the closet. Norah then enters the chalet and takes the snow globe with her. She locks Felix in the chalet, but not before Felix catches a glimpse of her.

Do Norah and Jules rescue Noël?

Norah uses the snow globe to get to the prison where Noël is being kept. The prison is near a lighthouse, and Norah and Gunna find themselves on top of the lighthouse. As Norah is scared of heights, she accidentally lets go of the snow globe.

She tries to reach the globe but ends up losing her balance, falls, and gets stuck on top of the lighthouse. When Gunna returns to the hotel and tells Jules about this, he rushes to his sister’s aid and rescues her.

Norah apologizes to Jules for everything. Jules also apologizes to Norah, as he finally realizes that all this happened because he tried to exclude her. Jules is now ready to let Norah be Santa with him and Noël. 

Jules and Norah work together to save their grandfather. They use the snow globe to get inside the prison. They then distract the guards, find their grandfather, and return to the hotel with him.

Does Felix change?

After rescuing their grandfather, Norah realizes that Felix is still locked in the chalet. There is a snowstorm outside, but Noël, Jules, and Norah still go to help Felix. An angry Felix snatches the snow globe from them once again and runs away.

Noël, Jules, and Norah chase Felix, who almost falls off a cliff. Even when he is holding on to a rock for dear life, he tries to reach the snow globe, which has fallen somewhere near him. 

On the other hand, Norah’s priority is to save Felix, not the globe. She tells Felix that his life is more important than any qualifying race and that winning is not everything. Felix listens to her and stops trying to get the snow globe. Jules and Norah manage to save Felix.

The incident changes Felix. When he sees Norah skiing the next day, he abandons the qualifying race to ski with her, as he now knows that working together with friends is more important than winning.

How does the holiday end?

Norah apologizes to Noël for not following his rules. She thinks that she will not make a good Santa, but Noël believes that she might be the best Santa, as she told Felix their secret because she wanted to help him, even though he bullied her.

Suzanne has tried to propose to Jeff many times, but something or the other went wrong every single time. When Jules realizes that this is upsetting his mother, he helps her propose in front of the whole family. Suzanne and Jeff finally get engaged.

Jules also apologizes to Noël for excluding his sister. With Ikka and Joel’s help, Noël gets the snow globe back, which means that Christmas has not been ruined. This time, Jules is eager to be Santa with Norah. The film ends with Noël, Jules, and Norah going to deliver presents to children.

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