The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself ending explained: Does Nathan put an end to the clan wars?

The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself follows the story of Nathan, the son of a murderous witch, caught between two clans of witches at war. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Nathan Byrne, the son of the wolf, Marcus Edge, a Blood Witch who has murdered a number of Fairborn Witches, grows up under the eye of the Fairborn Council and his grandmother.

They are waiting for him to show signs of being a Blood Witch and wonder if he will end up being a murderer much like his father.

Apart from dealing with the Fairborn Council, Marcus also finds it hard at school as the children of Fairborn Witches look down upon him as a Blood Witch and bully him.

Except for Annalise, the daughter of Soul, the chief executive of the Fairborn Council. She is the only person who sees Nathan differently. They get along and fall in love with each other.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s own sister, Jessica, and Annalise’s cousins continue to grow their hatred towards him.

Jessica holds him responsible for their mother’s death and inflicts pain upon him to the point where she almost kills him with the help of Annalise’s brother.

Nathan’s grandmother manages to save him, but the first thing he does after recovering is beating up Annalise’s brother. The Fairborn Council acknowledges this as a sign that Nathan is becoming a violent Blood Witch.

Before they can take him under their custody, his grandmother tells him about Mercury, a woman who can help him when he needs it the most.

The Fairborn Council, on the other hand, takes Nathan away but does not kill him. Instead, they plan to train him to fight his father.

Reutger Sillwood, the Head of the Council of Fairborn Witches, comes from a line of witches that have visions.

Apparently, her mother has prophesized that the wolf’s own blood will kill him. Now they believe that Nathan will be the one to kill his own father to put an end to this war.

Nathan’s training begins, but plans change when Marcus gets to Sillwood, leaving Soul no option but to go on a rampage of his own.

In order to protect his clan, he turns to a forbidden spell to steal other witches’ power by killing his own brother and Nathan’s grandmother.

He kidnaps Nathan to finish the spell, but Nathan breaks free and goes in search of Mercury, along with Annalise to meet Gabriel, who knows where she is.

The trio finds themselves amidst the Blood Witches, with some of them wanting to kill Nathan and some of them honoring him as the son of Marcus Edge, who protected the Blood Witches from the Fairborn ones.

During his time there, Nathan learns that the Fairborn Witches also have a hand in starting this war.

Nathan discovers that Blood Witches don’t steal the powers of other witches by killing them, but they keep the dying witches alive in them by acquiring their powers.

He also finds out that the Fairborn Witches killed his mother because she was a heart eater and her powers would pass onto him.

When Soul retrieves Nathan’s finger to complete the spell, they both receive visions of how Nathan’s father had come looking for peace years ago.

After finishing the spell, Soul goes on a killing spree to attain all the powers he can to kill Marcus, while Nathan struggles to find a way to Mercury.

The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself ending explained in detail:

Does Soul find Marcus?

After killing witches of his own kind, Soul retrieves all the powers he can, but is tricked by Marcus into coming to Wolfhagen. The same place where the peace massacre took place years ago.

Marcus had no option but to kill the Fairborn Witches standing there on that day.

Soul and his remaining soldiers hear the wolf’s howl and realize that they are surrounded by Marcus, who could attack them anytime soon.

The door opens, but it’s Annalise, who is lured in here by Jessica, as Annalise has the power to decimate anything in a matter of seconds.

Jessica wants Soul to murder his own daughter so that he can steal her powers. This way, he can easily kill Marcus in the blink of an eye. Soul struggles to give this a thought, and Annalise finds an opening to escape.

Soon, the Blood Witches come looking for revenge, and a war breaks out at Wolfhagen, with Soul being the only one standing tall.

What gifts does Nathan receive from his father?

In order to attain his own powers, Nathan needs to turn 17 and drink the blood of someone from his own family. With almost his whole family dead, Mercury is the only one who could help, as she stores the blood of each and every witch family.

Nathan abandons his journey to Mercury when he realizes that Jessica is setting up a trap for Annalise at the Wolfhagen.

Though Gabriel soon catches up to Nathan with the Byrne family’s blood, which he got from Mercury’s collection, they lose it during the war between the two clans.

Nathan, Annalise, and Gabriel head into the woods to confront the only man standing, Marcus.

Before Marcus could make a move on them, Nathan is paid a visit by his father, who tells him the reason he left his family alone. He had thought that the Fairborn Witches would let go of them if he is out of the picture.

Marcus also has the gift of knowing when he will die, a power he received from his wife’s ex-husband. He knew that this isn’t that day.

He gave Nathan his own blood as the first gift, and in turn, saves him from dying. As a second gift, he lets him know that his mother wasn’t worried about who he would become.

Soul had killed Nathan’s mother and grandmother, and now Marcus wanted someone to kill him. As the third and final gift, Marcus gives Nathan a chance to see who he really is.

Does the prophecy come true?

Nathan confronts Soul as he searches for Marcus through the woods. He tries to get the best of Soul by using his father’s dagger, but only manages to free Annalise and Gabriel from his spell.

As Soul is about to kill Nathan, Annalise interferes and uses her power to kill her own blood, as in her father, Soul.

The prophecy came true, but instead of Nathan, it was Annalise who killed her own father to put an end to this war.

Where does Jessica end up?

Jessica really wanted to sacrifice Annalise so that Soul can steal her precious powers, but she fails to do so. She tries to kill Annalise, but her powers were nothing against Annalise’s.

After being defeated by her, Jessica walks out of Wolfhagen and finds a magical doorway that brings her to Mercury. Jessica asks her to fix her powers, which are destroyed by Annalise.

Mercury admits that she can’t do such a thing, but she promises that she will help her get revenge on those who broke it.

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