That ’90s Show ending explained: Does Leia end up with Jay?

That ’90s Show follows Leia Forman, the daughter of Eric and Donna, as she spends her summer at Point Place, Wisconsin with her grandparents, Red and Kitty. The episodes are streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Eric and Donna are visiting home for the 4th of July weekend and along with them is their daughter Leia. Eric is starting to worry that Leia doesn’t need him anymore and Donna tells him that she’s just growing up and this happens with everyone.

Leia is a bit of a dork without too many friends but she soon meets her next-door neighbor, Gwen, and becomes friends with her. Gwen introduces Leia to her group which includes her brother, Nate, his girlfriend, Nikki, his best friend, Jay, and finally Ozzie.

Leia ends up getting a drink with all of them and having so much fun that she asks her parents if she can spend the summer in Point Place. Eric had planned for them to go to space camp together and initially forbids her but after talking to Donna, he agrees to let her stay.

Red is glad that his granddaughter is staying but simultaneously annoyed that he has to deal with teenagers in the house again. Gwen and Nate’s mother, Sherri is the one who moved into the house next door and she’s a complete mess.

She turns out to be dating Fez who owns a chain of local salons, but she wants to break up with him for being too needy. She enlists Kitty’s help but when she fails, she asks Red to do it for her.

Jay is Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart’s son and he starts hitting on Leia from the moment he sees her. Leia hasn’t kissed anyone in her life before so Ozzie and Gwen help her get it over with. Through the process, she shares a nice moment with Jay and develops feelings for him.

Ozzie comes out to Kitty as gay to prepare himself for eventually coming out to his parents. Jay likes Leia and she likes him but Gwen and Nikki get involved and tell them that they need to play hard to get.

Jay is rude to Leia even though she shares her feelings and she tells him that she would rather be friends. In reality, she’s playing mind games but Jay ends up dating another girl named Serena.

Leia invites Jay and Serena to her birthday party but when Jay doesn’t show up, Leia is dejected. Jay sneaks into her room later that day and they finally kiss and agree to date each other.

Red and Kitty are not happy with Leia dating a Kelso and they disapprove of Jay but the two teens do their utmost best to convince her grandparents that he deserves a chance.

Nate and Gwen have different fathers and they are constantly fighting with each other because they’re frustrated about not being able to spend enough time with their fathers.

Nikki and Nate hit a rough patch because Nate is worried that Nikki will go off to college and leave him behind. He’s very insecure about her plans for the future.

The end of the summer approaches and Leia ends up double-booking plans with Gwen and Jay. She goes on her date with Jay which pisses off Gwen but she makes up with her and assures Gwen that they are best friends who won’t leave each other.

Kitty decides to apply for the job of school nurse as the new school year starts but she is apprehensive about whether she can still do it. She gets some help from Nikki and encouragement from Red and eventually gets the job.

That ’90s Show ending explained in detail:

What happens between Leia and Jay?

Jay tells Nate that he’s thinking of breaking up with Leia because he’s worried that the long distance won’t work. While they’re partying in the basement, Nate blurts it out before Jay has a chance to bring it up.

Leia is surprised by Jay’s decision but everyone else says that it is the most logical decision since she’ll be all the way in Chicago and he’s a Kelso so he’s bound to find someone else.

She gets mad at everyone and ignores them while itching to leave as soon as possible.

Does Sherri get back with Fez?

A tree branch from Sherri’s yard falls onto Red’s driveway and he tells her to call her landlord and take care of it. That’s when she says that she’s been busy and reveals that she’s back to dating Fez.

Red offers to talk to the landlord but Fez tells him that he wants to appear responsible and will do it himself. When Sherri’s landlord shows up, it turns out to be Fenton, Fez’s longtime rival.

Fenton is angered by their interaction and refuses to help Sherri until she pays her rent and even increases it. Fez realizes that to fix things with Sherri, he has to bury the hatchet with Fenton and he does that.

What happens before Leia leaves?

Leia goes to Gwen’s place looking for her but she finds Nate instead. They talk about how she felt after Jay broke up with her and how she took it out on everyone else and Nate has some kind words for her while empathizing with her situation.

They get caught up in the moment and almost kiss but Gwen walks in. Gwen meets Leia at the water tower to discuss her confused feelings and tells her that she doesn’t need to worry since she didn’t actually kiss Nate.

Just before she leaves with Donna, Jay shows up and tells her that he wants to give their relationship a shot after Kitty gave him some advice. Leia and Jay share a kiss but she doesn’t give him a definite answer.

Gwen assures her that she’s a phone call away and will help her get through this and she heads back home with so much on her mind.

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