Sweet Tooth season 2 summary and ending explained

In Sweet Tooth season 2, Gus and his new hybrid friends attempt to break free from General Abbot, who aims to use them for a cure for the Sick. The second season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The Last Men have taken over Essex County and the home of Aimee and her hybrids. Aimee is away, and the hybrids are now being kept in the kennels and treated like animals. Gus makes friends with the likes of him and meets Wendy, who, just like him, can also talk.

A new deadly strain of the virus is spreading, and General Abbot wants the cure as fast as they can. He pushes Dr. Singh to make the cure before he comes back from his trip.

Dr. Singh is not allowed to rest until the cure has been created. If he fails to make one, he and his wife’s lives might be in danger. While General Abbot is away, Johnny will be in charge.

Gus and the hybrids plan to contact Aimee by breaking into the radio room. Though they deliver the message, they get caught. Gus and Wendy even witness the dead body of one of Wendy’s siblings, Roy, who has been used for experimentation and the creation of the cure.

Dr. Singh notes that Gus is different from the other hybrids. He is 10 years old, whereas the hybrids showed up only nine years ago. To get to the bottom of the truth, he puts Gus in the middle of purple flowers that make them hallucinate and remember things.

Apart from that, Dr. Singh also strikes a deal with Gus. He lets him know that he is a prisoner too, and by helping him make a cure, he is helping everybody else. Gus volunteers to help, and his memories lead them to Fort Smith.

At Fort Smith, Dr. Singh and Gus learn about Project Midnight Sun. Gus’ mother, Dr. Gertrude Miller, also known as Birdie, worked on it with Gillian Washington. Project Midnight Sun aimed to immune humans from all diseases and increase their longevity.

They did create the cure, and it worked on the chickens, but when applied to humans, they ended up creating a hybrid child and, in turn, the Sick, as well. Dr. Singh picks up Miller’s research and the chickens to experiment and come up with a cure.

Amidst all of this, Bear establishes contact with Birdie, who asks her to hand Gus a tape. Thus, Bear leaves to track Gus down. Jepperd, on the other hand, teams up with Aimee to break Gus and the hybrids out.

On their first attempt, Jepperd and Aimee realize that they can’t take down General Abbot’s Last Men on their own. Therefore, they seek help from a group called “Air Raiders.”

Meanwhile, when the people General Abbot plans to sell the cure to don’t show up, he starts making everyone know what he has by giving a sick person a temporary cure. People are thrilled, and the news of the cure falls upon the ears of Abbot’s buyers.

By the time General Abbot returned to Essex County, Dr. Singh had created the cure by mixing the antibodies of the chickens from Fort Smith with Dr. Bell’s secret sauce. It worked, and they have their first cure for the Sick.

General Abbot takes it away from Dr. Singh and makes him stay longer with them rather than letting him go with his wife. General Abbot’s buyers, as in, the three, will arrive to hear his proposal.

A day before that, Dr. Singh meddles with his cure again and realizes that it has failed. Dr. Singh is missing something. Dr. Singh’s wife, Rani, attempts to convince him to let it go and stand up to General Abbot in front of everyone.

The next day, General Abbot makes his proposal to his buyers. In exchange for their resources, he will provide them with the cure and create Evergreen, a safe haven. He will even welcome them and their 150 best people to stay at Evergreen.

Gus shows up and reveals that the cure is made by killing hybrids like him. Gus’ revelation ruins General Abbot’s chances. Mrs. Zhang, one of the buyers, is still ready to aid if General Abbot allows all of her people to enter Evergreen.

Sweet Tooth season 2 ending explained in detail:

Does everyone escape Essex County?

After the meeting, Aimee and the Air Raiders attack Essex County. Aimee and Jepperd had a fallout after the latter revealed that he was one of the Last Men and responsible for hunting the hybrids. Therefore, Aimee had left him behind, forcing him to walk his way to Essex County.

Aimee and the Air Raiders lure the Last Men out, giving the hybrids an opening to escape. Around the same time, Bear also arrives in Essex County and joins forces with the Animal Army, which defends Gus and his friends.

Jepperd, Gus, Aimee, the hybrids, and Bear escape the place while Bear’s Animal Army and the Air Raiders keep the Last Men occupied.

Meanwhile, Johnny gives Dr. Singh and Rani a chance to escape. When Dr. Singh stays adamant about securing his research, Rani abandons him.

Does Gus die?

Gus and his friends start rebuilding their lives in Yellowstone National Park. There are a few complications. Aimee is now Sick, and she won’t live longer with them. However, Aimee is sure that her children are in the right hands.

Back in Essex County, the Animal Army and General Abbot’s army face off, with the latter coming out on top. Tiger manages to escape and make her way to Yellowstone National Park to warn Gus and his friends.

While Bear takes the hybrids to Andersons, Jepperd, Aimee, and Gus lay traps for the Last Men. They take care of the soldiers, but General Abbot easily passes through all of them using his loud mouth and ability to hit the soft spots.

Gus sees Abbot drop his precious cure. Gus grabs it and runs. Abbot catches up and attempts to kill Gus, who screams and signals a herd of bison that comes and runs over Abbot.

Gus walks towards Jepperd, and from behind, Abbot shoots Gus with the last breath he has. It is later revealed that Gus survives, and the funeral his friends attend is for Aimee, who has passed away because of the virus.

Why is everyone going to Alaska?

The reason Gillian Washington started Project Midnight Sun was to look for her great-grandfather, Captain James Thacker. He had sailed to Alaska in hopes of finding a fountain of youth for his muscular degenerative disease that cursed his lineage.

Apparently, he never came back, and Washington meddled with nature in Alaska, which allowed people to live disease-free for years. The virus humanity is facing was created because of Washington’s experiments, and Washington believed Gus could help them with it.

Washington asked Birdie to bring Gus to her. Birdie, as a mother to Gus, wanted him to live a happy life. She sought to save the world the other way by finding the cure in Alaska, where they started their experiments in the first place.

Gus hears his mother’s confession about why she never found them on the tape handed to him by Bear. Later on, Bear and Wendy discover some pages Richard has that have Alaska mentioned on them.

Gus dreams of his mother and wakes up with the thought that he has to find her. Jepperd heard the tape, and they all come to the conclusion that they have to find Gus’ mother, who is probably in Alaska trying to right the wrongs.

Gus, Jepperd, Bear, and Wendy then head off to find Gus’ mother. Dr. Singh also had a vision of carrying Gus in the snow. He searched for Gus and reached out to his house in Yellowstone, where he discovered the pages of Alaska. Possibly, he will be following them as well.

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