Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story summary & ending explained

‘Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story’ dives deep into the early years of Himmat Singh’s career and how he first rose to prominence in the field of espionage.


Under the pretence of an audit report of Himmat Singh (Kay Kay Menon) carried out by Mr. Naresh Chaddha (Parmeet Sethi) and Mr. D.K. Bannerjee (Kali Prasad Mukherjee), Abbas Sheikh is called in to give his take on Himmat’s character and career.

Abbas starts off with high praise and then begins narrating the story of how Himmat accomplished great things, very early on in his career. The starting point is what happened soon after the 2001 parliament attack where Himmat had incited a backlash for his methods.

After really getting into it with his superiors and earning himself a suspension, he stands up to the Joint Commissioner to at least get Abbas’s suspension revoked. He then disappears without a trace for a whole year and a half. While observing a news report from Kashmir, Abbas catches a glimpse of Himmat and soon after, he is visited by a couple of RAW agents who question him.

He reaches out to a friend in the Kashmir police to get a message through to Himmat that he’s very much needed back in Delhi and must return soon. The next day, he shows up at work where his boss tells him that being assigned on a special mission and he will be assisted by Vijay Kumar (Aftab Shivdasani).

After a few high-ranking government officials were found dead under mysterious circumstances, it is brought to their attention that an ex-agent of RAW named Maninder Singh (Aadil Khan) has defected with a lot of sensitive information. It’s up to Himmat and Vijay to locate and eliminate Maninder and retrieve the stolen information.

Along with Maninder, other persons of interest in the investigation included a woman under the alias ‘Karishma’ (Aishwarya Sushmita) and two black market information dealers, Sankalp Choudary (Vivek Madaan) and Alex Fuller. The search begins, with Karishma last seen in Colombo.

Meanwhile, a successful honeytrap set by Alex Fuller ultimately leads to Naval Commadore Chintamani Sharma heading to London with very important state secrets. Maninder, who is working for Sankalp, heads to London as well to intercept the exchange between Chintamani and Fuller’s agent.

With all of this information in hand, Vijay heads to Colombo while Himmat heads to London. Vijay manages to capture Karishma, but when he’s transporting her to the airport, he is attacked by a group of masked men who get away with Karishma.

In London, Himmat reaches Chintamani long after the exchange. Maninder has also intercepted the package from the Russian agent. Maninder and Himmat come face to face in the hotel but before Maninder can eliminate Himmat, he manages to escape.

On their return, Vijay and Himmat have dinner plans with Vijay’s wife, Saroj (Gautami Kapoor), and the woman Himmat has been with for the last 3 years, Anita (Shiv Jyoti). While returning home from dinner, Anita slips up and brings up the fact that Himmat was in London, even though she wasn’t supposed to know.

Himmat confronts her and finds out that she was entrapped by Karishma a very long time ago in exchange for the wellbeing of her family. Himmat gets Karishma’s location from her and deduces that the handover between Maninder and Sankalp is taking place there as well.

He stashes Anita in a safe house and then, along with Vijay, travels to Kyiv to bring an end to this mission once and for all,\. Will he be successful in his hunt for Maninder? What is in store for Anita after this almighty betrayal?

Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story ending explained in detail (Episode 4: Ijazat):

Crash course in life

Vijay and Himmat are now in Kyiv, carrying out surveillance to find Karishma. Once they find her, they plan on using her to find out the location for the exchange. Once Himmat notices her, he follows her back to her hotel. Meanwhile, Maninder is watching him and Vijay and manages to catch Vijay off guard.

When Himmat calls Vijay to confirm that he has apprehended Karishma, Maninder picks up and suggests an exchange at a later time. When Himmat arrives, he and Maninder face off with guns pointed straight at their hostages. Maninder immediately takes out Karishma and then orders Himmat to put down his gun or watch Vijay die.

Vijay fights back to help Himmat out but isn’t able to hold him back before Maninder empties his clip into Vijay. Himmat chases after Maninder but after losing him heads back to Vijay to comfort him in his last moments on this earth.

Some measure of revenge

Using a phone he found on Karishma’s person, Himmat manages to obtain the location of Sankalp’s bungalow. He arrives there in secret and makes a deal with Sankalp; Maninder’s location in exchange for sparing his life that night.

Sankalp calls Maninder and tells him that he needs to fly to Dubai that very night and lay low since he’s caused a lot of commotion in Kyiv that has led to 2 dead bodies.

Maninder reluctantly agrees and heads out to the airport where Himmat is waiting for him. They get on the same flight and after waiting for the right moment, Himmat goes over to Maninder’s seat and kills him in his sleep. He breathes a sigh of relief knowing that the issue has finally been resolved and he also managed to avenge his friend, Vijay.

Wrapping up thr story

Abbas finally comes to the end of his long and winding story, telling them what Himmat did after returning from Kyiv. He first visits Anita and while she pleads for forgiveness and confesses her love for him, he shoots her in the head.

In the matter of Sankalp, Himmat enlists the help of Sankalp’s rival, Alex Fuller, who orchestrates an ‘accidental’ death. He also sends in a cache of sensitive information to Himmat’s boss as a part of the deal.

After listening to the entire tale, Chaddha and Bannerjee agree that Himmat Singh is a very competent and well-meaning individual who definitely deserves his dues.

Back at Himmat’s place, he is seen talking on the phone with one of his agents, Farooq (Karan Tacker). Farooq is immediately subdued after he gets off the phone call and Himmat realises that something doesn’t sit right with the whole situation, signifying that there is more to come in the adventures of Himmat Singh.

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