So-i’s death in Alchemy of Souls explained

So-i lost her life protecting Yul from the mages of Cheonbugwan in the second part of ‘Alchemy of Souls’. She is played by Seo Hye-won. 

In the first part of ‘Alchemy of Souls’, So-i is a swindler; she pretends to be blind and steals from people. One day, she gets abducted and taken to Jin Mu, who is looking for blind girls resembling Jin Ho-gyeong’s long-lost daughter, Jin Bu-yeon. 

When he realizes that So-i is not blind, he orders his men to kill her. However, So-i protests. She promises him that she would do anything for him if he let her live.

He tests her, and So-i proves to him that she can pretend to be blind; she boldly faces him, without even flinching, as he launches shards of broken glass at her.

Jin Mu and Jin U-tak put a blood parasite in her body to prove to Jin Ho-gyeong that she shares her blood. However, it soon comes to light that she is not Jin Bu-yeon.

So-i’s relationship with Yul

So-i gets caught stealing from people and gets punished by a few men. Yul comes to her rescue, thinking that she is blind. He gives her his umbrella to use as a cane. 

Alchemy of Souls So-i
So-i meets Yul for the first time when he saves her

When she is pretending to be Bu-yeon, she once again gets saved by Yul, but he gets gravely injured in the process. To save his life, she puts the blood parasite in his body.

Three years later, So-i runs a gambling den. Jin Mu still forces her to do his bidding. She does whatever he says because he sends her the medicine that would control the pain caused by the parasite. 

She keeps sending Yul the medicine. However, the parasite enters Yul’s core and feeds on his energy. He suffers from immense pain and stops taking the medicine because he knows that he is going to die as soon as his energy runs out.

When she figures out that he has not been taking the medicine, she tries to make a deal with Jin Ho-gyeong for Yul’s sake; she promises to reveal the identity of her daughter if she helps her get rid of the parasite. 

However, Jin Ho-gyeong locks her up in Jinyowon and demands to know who else is aware of her daughter’s secret, but she does not get an answer. So-i had asked her trusted man to inform Yul of her whereabouts in case anything happened to her.

Yul comes to her aid and saves her. After finding out that Naksu is Bu-yeon, he asks her to leave the capital for her safety. Instead of leaving, she comes back to see if Yul has gone to Jinyowon to get treated.

She reveals that her life was full of darkness until Yul saved her. The world seemed bright and clean to her for the first time. She wants to save him because he brought light to her life.

So-i’s death

Jin Mu sends the mages of Cheonbugwan to bring So-i to him. They realize that she was trying to run away, which should not have been possible with the parasite inside her. 

They question her about who has the blood parasite now, but she refuses to tell them anything because she is protecting Yul. As a result, they beat her up. 

Yul comes to save her again when he finds out that she is in danger. However, this time, he cannot save her as he is weak because of the parasite.

Alchemy of Souls So-i
So-i stabs a mage to save Yul

One of the mages comes to kill Yul, but an injured So-i stabs him. In retaliation, the mage further hurts So-i. She dies in Yul’s arms, wishing for him to stay alive. 

As So-i does not have a family to arrange her funeral, Yul asks for a warm place with lots of sunshine for her and promises to attend her funeral. So-i is seen clutching the umbrella he gave her even in death.

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