Silas Jordan: Dead Ringers (2023) character explained

In Dead Ringers (2023), when the Mantle sisters visit Susan’s family, they are accompanied by Silas Jordan, an author who is writing a puff piece on them.

In the fifth episode of Dead Ringers (2023), Silas Jordan, an author, is hired by Rebecca to write a puff piece on the Mantle sisters. Rebecca plans to open a birthing center in Alabama, and she wants Jordan to follow the sisters around and work on his article.

At first, Silas rejects her offer, but Rebecca reminds him that he has no choice. Apparently, Silas has a dark past of his own. Despite being a Pulitzer Prize winner, he hasn’t written for the past 17 months.

He is suffering from a form of depression, and Rebecca’s offer is the only one he can accept and get back into writing. Considering the same, Jordan agrees to join the Mantle sisters on their trip to Montgomery, where they will be treating a member of Susan’s family.

Silas Jordan’s dark past

During his time with the Mantle sisters, Silas Jordan asks them some challenging questions, including that of Genevieve and their miraculous experiments. Susan takes note of Jordan’s vibe and reminds him not to go hard on them, as it is a puff piece.

At night, Elliot and Silas indulge in a conversation over a drink, and Jordan reveals that he has two daughters and a son. Elliot further recognizes that he is a drinker.

Silas Jordan: Dead Ringers (2023) character explained 1
Silas asks Elliot about her experiments

Silas hears Elliot’s confessions and learns that she hallucinated about pushing an old woman off a building. She stops midway and counter-questions Silas, asking about how he suddenly went from being a Pulitzer Prize-winning author to writing a piece on them.

Silas then bluntly discloses that he is a professor who has slept with his students, and that’s the reason the world has canceled him; no one sees him as the Pulitzer winner anymore.

Does Silas expose the Mantle sisters?

While operating on Florence, who was about to have quadruplets, Elliot kept thinking about Silas’ questions. He had asked why Elliot and Beverly keep lying to each other. Elliot accidentally ends up cutting Florence while thinking about those questions.

Though the situation is brought under control, Rebecca is left with no option but to kick Elliot out of the Mantle Parker Center after this mishap.

Moving on, Silas receives tons of information on the Mantle sisters that he can use to restart his career. The dead body of the woman Elliot pushed off the building is found, and Silas also talks to various colleagues and friends of the Mantle sisters.

Rebecca lets Beverly know that Silas is about to publish an article. The original version of this article contained everything that would have ended the careers of the Mantle sisters and those associated with them.

Apparently, he has discovered several dark and disgusting secrets after talking to their colleagues. To save themselves from going down, Rebecca and everyone else gave Silas a lot of information about Elliot that would allow him to only expose her.

Now, Rebecca wanted Beverly to disassociate them from Elliot before Silas could publish his article and defame Elliot. Beverly does that, but she eventually realizes that she is not content with everything she has achieved.

She gives up her life and allows Elliot to replace her. In the end, Silas does publish his article, in which he adores Beverly while exposing the dark nature of her sister, Elliot.

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