Shahmaran ending explained: Who rises from the well?

Shahmaran follows Shahsu, who arrives in Adana, where she not only reunites with her estranged grandfather but also gets caught up in a mythological prophecy. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Shahsu comes to Adana for a lecture at a college. She uses this visit as a chance to reunite with her estranged grandfather, Davut Demir. She despises him for abandoning her mother when she was just a kid and needed a father.

While Davut is left shaken upon her arrival, his neighbors, on the other hand, have a keen interest in Shahsu.

The neighbors, Ural, and his children, Bike, Hare, and Diba, are quite excited about her arrival, except for Ural’s son, Maran. They are a family of basilisks, demons that are half-humans and half-snakes.

They have been living in hiding for a very long time. Ural’s family and the other basilisks were waiting for Shahsu’s arrival.

She is a part of a prophecy that will mark the rebirth of Shahmaran, the Queen of Serpents. Shahmaran’s rebirth will restore peace between the humans and the basilisks.

Though Maran doesn’t believe in these prophecies, somehow he constantly crosses paths with Shahsu. According to the prophecy, he is the chosen one with whom Shahsu will end up, and Shahmaran will be reborn after their union.

Still, Maran doesn’t like the idea of being forced to fall in love with her. Ural believes that Maran will find his way to Shahsu. Maran’s sister, Diba, helps Maran realize how lonely Shahsu is.

Maran is lonely too, and if the prophecy is kept aside, they are, in a way, made for each other. Maran gives this idea some thought and approaches Shahsu.

While Maran and Shahsu come closer, a number of strange events start taking place. At times, they are positive and sometimes negative. The Basilisks consider these events to be omens that are a part of the prophecy.

On one hand, Ural and his family are eager for the prophecy to be fulfilled, and on the other, some factions of basilisks like to think that humans have destroyed the world and that they should not wait for the prophecies. They should just steal this world from them.

Another threat looms right inside the well at Anavarza. An entity resides there and is sending a basilisk to take care of Shahsu. Maran vows to protect Shahsu from all of them.

The basilisk sent by the entity repeatedly attacks Shahsu. He once gets confronted by Cihan, the son of a fellow basilisk named Lakmu, who is also Ural’s friend.

The entity inside the well convinces Cihan to work with them and save the basilisks from the humans.

Meanwhile, Maran and Shahsu continue to form their bond. Maran questions Shashu if she would ever run away with him. She gives this a thought, and when she learns more about how her grandfather left her mother, she decides to go with him.

Shahsu contacts Maran and waits for his reply. Maran loses his powers, and the family works together to restore them. Cihan plans to take Shahsu to Anavarza. Luckily, Maran makes it in time to save her.

Ural’s family confronts Lakmu and asks him to keep Cihan in check, as he is trying to prevent the prophecy from coming true. Lakmu agrees to do so, but he has an agenda of his own.

The basilisks have witnessed several omens as of now. Ural’s family plans to seal the union of Maran and Shahsu. In order to do that, they hold a feast at their house, where several basilisks, Shahsu, and her grandfather get invited as well.

Shahsu and Maran sleep together near the lake during the feast. Shahsu starts feeling like she has become a completely new person.

Chaos ensues at the feast when Salih’s pregnant wife goes into labor during the second month and their master, Davut himself, goes missing.

Ural’s family sees this as the final omen, which suggests that a human will give birth to a snake. Ural’s family helps Salih’s pregnant wife, Medine.

Shahsu comforts her grandfather, Davut, who has passed out in a nearby field. Maran arrives and resurrects him using his powers as Shahsu watches in shock.

Shahmaran ending explained in detail:

Who is inside the well at Anavarza?

Maran tells Shahmaran’s story to Shahsu. Shahmaran fell in love with a human being named Camsap, who betrayed her trust. He had promised not to tell a soul about her location, but he did when it came to helping a sick sultan.

Though he made the grand vizier promise that they won’t harm Shahmaran, the grand vizier didn’t keep his word. Amidst all of this, Shahmaran’s own sister, Lilith, had warned Shahmaran that she shouldn’t trust men from the surface world.

When Shahmaran got captured, Lilith planned to kill Camsap. Shahmaran didn’t allow it. She instead locked Lilith up in a castle, in the darkest depths of a well at Anavarza. In a way, Shahmaran sacrificed herself for her love.

Lilith made a vow of hatred. She planned to come back one day and have her revenge on all mankind.

A prophecy would only stop her. A marked basilisk and a chosen human girl would have to love each other to death. Only this time, the human girl will be the one sacrificing for love.

She will have to give up everything and go underground. Then Shahmaran will be reborn, and the peace between humans and basilisks will be restored.

Is Shahsu’s grandfather Camsap?

Maran is the marked basilisk, and Shahsu is the chosen human being who comes from Camsap’s bloodline.

Before dying, Shahmaran asked Camsap to cut her into three pieces. She instructs him to give the Sultan her boiled head, which will cure him, and the grand vizier a drink from her body, where there is poison.

Lastly, she gives Camsap her tail, where her wisdom is stored. He will become immortal with that. Camsap was filled with guilt. He hated himself for doing what he did.

Camsap tried to kill himself several times, but he never succeeded. Cavges, basilisk’s oracle, would erase his memory, and he would start his life again.

He lived many lives under many different names. He never had kids until he had Shahsu’s mother.

He had no memory of his sin, but he did remember the pain. An urge inside him forced him to kill himself. He abandoned Shahsu’s mother so that she won’t watch her father die.

Does the prophecy come true?

Upon learning all of this, Shahsu runs away from the truth and Maran. Back at Ural’s house, Ural and a basilisk, Gulsum, reveal that there is one last step in prophecy that Maran doesn’t know about.

While Gulsum leaves to find Maran and tell him about it, Medine successfully delivers the snake that gets killed by Ural in minutes.

Shahsu’s grandfather, Davut, kills himself when one of the basilisks comes seeking revenge. Lilith’s basilisk and Cihan stop Shahsu and Maran.

Maran deals with Cihan while Shahsu unlocks her new powers and fights the basilisk off. The couple reunites, believing that the prophecy has come true, but they are unaware that they haven’t completed the last step.

Gulsum doesn’t reach Maran in time. Thus, the prophecy doesn’t come true, and Lilith breaks out of the well, promising that she will take the earth back from the humans.

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