Sexify season 2 ending explained: Do the girls save the app?

The second season of ‘Sexify’ sees Natalia, Paulina, and Monika facing numerous problems launching their app ‘Sexify’. The season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Natalia, Paulina, and Monika are on their way to officially launch ‘Sexify’. Monika is heavily promoting the app on television shows alongside celebrities such as Young Juvenile.

Meanwhile, Natalia is having problems with her boyfriend, Adam, who struggles during intercourse. Paulina, on the other hand, is still finding who she is.

Nevertheless, the girls are excited about the app’s launch. They throw a professional party for it. Even Monika’s father, Marek, is proud.

Things go sideways when a power cut ruins the launch of the app. The girls take a look at their accounts and realize that they have unpaid bills from the last four months.

These bills put a pause on the app’s launch. The girls needed money, and that’s when Malgorzata Debska, Monika’s role model, shows up.

Debska offers to invest in their business if they can double the number of users they originally projected by the end of the year.

Paulina, in order to secure the investment and back up her friends, makes up a lie and assures that they will achieve these numbers by launching a similar app for men. Monika further supports this lie and says they are already working on it.

In order to figure out what men want when it comes to pleasure in bed, the girls need to collect data. They have four weeks to build this new app, which is not enough time to conduct interviews with various men.

The girls first target a military camp where men opt to lie about their fantasies. The experiment fails and leads them to look in another direction.

Natalia tries to figure this out with a little help from Adam, but the latter continues to have a hard time turning on while he is with her.

Paulina dates men through online applications. Whenever she asks them about how she can improve intercourse, the men just shy away.

Amidst all of this, Debska sends Maks Oleksiak to help Monika around as an advisor. Maks forces Monika to make some hard decisions that involve firing a number of employees to save her company.

Paulina discovers a new problem for them while she is with another man. She comes across an app that is made out of their idea called ‘Sexiguy’, which is indeed Sexify for men.

Upon investigating, the girls meet the founders of Sexiguy, who are none other than their schoolmates, Rafal and Grezs.

Natalia figures out that the men will never talk about their fantasies openly. Instead, they will search for them online, where they don’t need to reveal who they are. So the girls need a database of men who will answer their questions anonymously.

Rafal and Grezs have already created that database using Sexiguy. The girls then buy Sexiguy, with Monika managing to arrange the money they require.

The girls form a team, which includes Rafal and Grezs as well. They learn more about the fantasies of men from experts. Rafal, on his side, starts feeling that these girls have stolen his idea.

He goes on some adventures to talk to the press about Sexify and Sexiguy. That ruins the brand’s image. The research gathered by the girls goes to waste as a group of men who test this app deem it unhelpful, unnecessary, and a waste of time.

Debska eventually makes a tough decision to fire Natalia, Paulina, and Monika as the Warsaw Web Summit nears. She intends to launch these two apps during that event, and she doesn’t mind using the older versions.

The girls wonder how she could fire them as they are the majority stakeholders. Monika then reveals that she sold her share to Debska to arrange money to buy Sexiguy from Rafal.

The trio blames each other, falls apart, and moves on. Paulina attempts to reunite her parents and then opens up to her ex-boyfriend, Mariusz. Monika, on the other hand, spends a day with Maks, who has started believing in them.

Both Adam and Natalia find the pleasure they seek in someone else.

Rafal eventually falls for someone else as well, and he tries to use Sexiguy himself. The app helps him, and he wonders why the men won’t use it. His girlfriend guesses why.

He tries to pitch this idea to Debska, who shuts him down. She tells him that he will be the new leader for Sexify and Sexiguy. Rafal gets excited about that thought, but his belief in the app encourages him to approach the girls again.

Sexify season 2 ending explained in detail:

What is Rafal’s idea and how do the girls execute it?

Rafal brings the girls and the entire team of Sexify and Sexiguy together. He explains that this app should work on a reward system. Right now, the app doesn’t guarantee that the user will find a partner to get intimate with.

Rafal believes that the profiles of Sexify and Sexiguy should be able to see each other. The app knows the user’s preferences. It needs to match users based on their compatibility.

This app will only give you a compatibility percentage. It won’t identify, overlap, judge, or allow false advertising like a dishonest bio or a profile image.

With Rafal on their side, the girls plan to win back their app. In order to do so, Monika approaches Young Juvenile for a favor.

The girls go around the town asking people to sign up on the app for free concert tickets to Juvenile’s show, which will be taking place at the same venue as the Warsaw Web Summit.

What does Debska plan to do with the app?

Natalia goes back to Debska and asks for a job. This way, she can access the app from the office and hack into it. Debska sees through Natalia’s trick.

Monika realizes that they are on the losing side again. Maks switches sides and decides to help Monika. He tells her that Debska doesn’t care about the app. She cares about the intimate data that is being collected.

She plans to sell this data to the Vertigo Funding Group. It’s the same group that is trying to run Monika’s father out of business.

What happens to the app?

Natalia makes it to the summit and hacks the projector at the event. She intends to show how their app will work for the masses. Debska tries to argue with them, and this is how the world sees who she is.

Maks helps the girls access the app since Rafal gets caught by Debska.

Natalia announces the feature of the app that brings people together. The feature works perfectly, and people find their mates in Young Juvenile’s audience.

Natalia and Paulina try to reason with Debska. When she refuses to cooperate, the girls opt to delete the app altogether.

Debska doesn’t let them go easily. She plans to sue them. That’s when Monika brings her father into the picture, who reminds her how their battle could go on for ages if he challenges her.

He asks her to forget about the idea of selling the data, reactivating Sexify, and everything that happened during the summit if she doesn’t want a war.

What’s next for Natalia, Paulina, and Monika?

Paulina lives her life to the fullest and enjoys her time at Young Juvenile’s concert. Maks addresses the tension between him and Monika. He lets her know he had a good time with her, but he believes they are not a good match.

Natalia, on the other hand, returns home and reconciles with Adam. They finally enjoy some intimate time together. The experience gives Natalia a new idea, and she starts working on a new project.

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