Serrote: Reporting for Duty character explained

In Reporting for Duty, Serrote is the member of the Slot Machine Mafia that Suzano first catches and gets a promotion. Pedro Wagner plays Serrote.

In Campo Manso, Serrote crosses paths with Suzano when the latter comes near his hideout to charge his electric bike by borrowing electricity from Serrote’s hideout.

Serrote catches Suzano in the act. Suzano runs to hide inside Serrote’s hideout. The floor Suzano is on breaks, and he accidentally falls on Serrote. They are both found passed out, with Suzano lying over Serrote, giving everyone the impression that Suzano caught Serrote.

Serrote is arrested, while Suzano receives a transfer and a promotion to the 8th precinct of the Tijuca neighborhood.

Serrote’s hunt for Suzano

Serrote is allowed to go meet his ill mother. However, he uses this reason to escape prison. Serrote is into social media, and he updates everyone on what he is up to next.

Apart from buying minoxidil for his hair loss, he has set his sights on Suzano. Once Suzano is suspended, he finds Serrote waiting for him at his own house. Thankfully, Serrote’s friend and fellow cop, Estevão, comes to the apartment, forcing Serrote to leave.

Serrote: Reporting for Duty character explained 1
Serrote waits for Suzano at the latter’s apartment

A message on Soaked Rat’s computer suggests that the mafia is planning to fix the loose ends they missed at the Anchovy Festival, where Suzano will be.

Serrote is present at the festival too. He kidnaps Suzano and takes him to his hideout. Mantovani comes to Suzano’s rescue. Though they fail to capture Serrote, they end up discovering the slot machines Serrote has been hiding.

Serrote’s true motives

Serrote visits Suzano in secret to tell him about his true intentions. It turns out that Serrote isn’t working for the Slot Machine Mafia; he is working against them.

After getting out of jail, Serrote failed to find help anywhere. The only open door for him was a little work for the mafia. However, they took everything from him and left him in the gutter.

Serrote resorted to stealing the mafia’s slot machines to exact revenge. Serrote stole those machines and hid them. He intended to return them to the mafia if they paid what they owed.

The mafia isn’t a fan of Serrote’s idea. They are now hunting Serrote down, and hence, Serrote has been trying to get hold of Suzano. In the end, Serrote is caught by the mafia and brought to the 8th precinct, where the mafia takes everyone hostage.

Suzano manages to fool and trap all the mafia members. Once the members of the Slot Machine Mafia are arrested, Serrote is put under arrest too. He is afraid that the mafia will kill him inside, but Mantovani assures him that they will make sure he is safe.

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