Who is Seo Ham-deok? Under the Queen’s Umbrella character explained

Seo Ham-deok is another of the former court officials that the King instructs some of the princes to escort back to the palace as part of the Taekhyeon.

Prince Uiseong and Prince Gyeseong are tasked with finding Seo Ham-deok and escorting him back to the palace. Uiseong receives information from his mother on where to find him while Gyeseong manages to locate him because of his intelligence.

What they find surprises them in equal measure.

A questionable monk

Gyeseong finds out that Ham-deok is pretending to be a monk by the name Haeham and is taken to the place where he resides. Uiseong receives a lot more information from his mother. He learns that there is a monk that frequents the market and has got a taste for money.

Uiseong observes Ham-deok being confronted by a man who claims that Ham-deok took advantage of his wife. Ham-deok beats the man up and threatens him with a knife before leaving. Uiseong tells his man to follow the stranger rather than Ham-deok.

Gyeseong walks around and sees other monks training with swords which he finds suspicious. He decides to go inside Ham-deok’s quarters and finds more suspicious objects. He finds a religious text with military strategies inside, and a map of the palace with directions towards the king’s quarters charted out.

Who is Seo Ham-deok? Under the Queen's Umbrella character explained 1
Gyeseong finds a map of the palace hidden in Ham-deok’s quarters

He realises that Ham-deok is planning a rebellion against the king.

Opposing ideas

Gyeseong visits Ham-deok the next morning and confronts him about the plans in his quarters. Ham-deok tries to attack Gyesong but right then a couple of guards arrive and arrest Ham-deok for murder.

Ham-deok is place in front of a magistrate in public and he is accused of murdering the man that he was arguing with the previous day. A knife with his name engraved on it was also found at the scene.

Uiseong shows up and tells the magistrate that it would be quite odd for a murderer to leave behind a weapon carrying their own name and suggests holding off on execution till he finds other witnesses or an alibi for Ham-deok.

Uiseong visits Ham-deok in his holding cell later and tells him that he had the man killed and blackmails Ham-deok into accompanying him back to the palace.

Gyeseong locates a cave which serves as the armoury for the rebellion and warns Uiseong about what he has found. Uiseong says he’s only focused on taking Ham-deok back to win the competition so Gyeseon says that he’ll warn the king beforehand.

Who is Seo Ham-deok? Under the Queen's Umbrella character explained 2
Gyeseong tries to stop Uiseong from taking Ham-deok back to the palace

Ham-deok agrees to go with Uiseong but under the condition that he kill Gyeseong so Uiseong sends a message to councillor Hwang mentioning this condition.

More going on behind the scenes

Ham-deok is actually working with Master Toji and Physician Kwon and they are worried about the fact that he has been captured and has also lost the map.

Gyeseong rushes back to the palace but is stopped by councillor Hwang’s men. He is eventually saved and he learns that the King already knows about the rebellion.

Uiseong presents Ham-deok before the king and then pipes up about the rebellion and tries to claim credit for finding out about it. The king has Ham-deok arrested and then tells Uiseong that if he knew about the rebellion he shouldn’t have brought Ham-deok in front of the king.

Who is Seo Ham-deok? Under the Queen's Umbrella character explained 3
Master Toji and Physician Kwon are working closely with Ham-deok on the rebellion

Master Toji and Physician Kwon are surprised that the King knew about their plan and they look for ways to reach Ham-deok before he reveals anything more about their involvement while being questioned.

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