Selim’s death in The Club season 2 explained

In The Club‘s second season, Selim dies a brutal death at the hands of the very person he once saved.

In season 2, Selim and Keriman compete as performers at Club Istanbul. Selim hates the popularity Keriman receives after opening for him. He likes to believe people only cheer for her to see more of her skin.

He immediately declares that the kind of performance Keriman put on should be banned. Keriman never talks back to Selim, but those words of his hurt her. They make her more determined to become a star.

When Fikret Kayalı instructs Keriman to plant drugs in Çelebi’s room, she listens but plants them in Selim’s room to take advantage of the situation and kick Selim out of her path. Selim is arrested, and he is pretty sure that Keriman has a hand in this, but everyone tells him not to jump to conclusions.

How does Selim die?

Selim’s arrest forces Çelebi to seek Fikret’s help when it comes to the newspapers that will publish this news. Fikret agrees to help and stop the news from getting published. He also gets Selim out of prison. In exchange, he becomes a secret partner of the club.

Selim returns and steals Keriman’s spark again. If that’s not enough, Selim, being sure that Keriman was behind his arrest, continues to stay cold towards her and makes sure to remind her that she will never become a star; instead, she will forever watch him on that stage.

Selim's death in The Club season 2 explained 1
Selim watches the cage fall on him

A hopeless Keriman sees no future ahead after Selim’s return. Even Fikret had told her that she would not become a headliner at the club when he takes over.

A heartbroken Keriman notices a risk in the mechanism that Selim is going to use; she meddles with it and cuts the rope of a cage above Selim during his performance at the club. The cage falls on Selim, and he dies.

Keriman confesses

Keriman is lucky because Matilda insists that they will have Keriman as their headliner after Selim’s death, not someone brought in by Fikret.

Keriman is on her way to becoming a star. Unfortunately, Raşel discovers a piece of Keriman’s clothing on Rânâ’s doll. Rânâ claims she found it backstage. The piece is from the same clothes Keriman wore on the night Selim died.

Keriman admits to Raşel that she murdered Selim. Raşel isn’t able to do anything about it, as Keriman threatens that she will take Raşel down with her for not telling the authorities that she knew Keriman planted those drugs.

İsmet overhears their conversation. He confronts Keriman, and she finally confesses. Selim found her on the streets, alone and starving. He took her in, and for ages, she washed his putrid socks and clothes.

Keriman had told Selim that she wanted to sing, and Selim said that she could. Keriman believed that he would help her, but Selim instead stopped her from singing and turned off her lights.

According to Keriman, Selim only saw her as the rat he saved. She owes her life to Selim, and she didn’t mean to kill him, but she says he asked her to cut off her arm to show her appreciation.

Keriman is later arrested when she is cornered by Matilda and Raşel. Keriman shoots Matilda down with the intention of freeing Raşel from Matilda’s shadow. Keriman had plans to leave Istanbul and run away, but those plans went in vain after this move.

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