School Tales The Series: All episodes explained

School Tales is a Thai horror series consisting of 8 ghost stories that take place in a high school after dark. During the day, the building belongs to the students, but at night it’s a different story, as a group of talented Thai horror directors bring their horror to the hallways.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

7 AM (Episode 1)

Every single morning, the name of a book is written on the blackboard of classroom 6/4 and the student who forgets to bring that book to class is murdered while everyone else forgets about their existence.

Who is Q?

Q is a student who lives closest to the school, so he is burdened with the responsibility of coming early to tell everyone what is written on the board so that all the students can bring their copies to the school.

How does Q take revenge?

Q’s classmates are selfish and ungrateful and demand too much of him. Frustrated with all the bullying, one day Q decides to show up late for class. He is enraged and hurt by his classmates and decides to give the wrong name of the book the next day, resulting in his classmates being murdered.

Vengeful Spell (Episode 2)

Pleng finds a box of curses in a haunted room at her school. The rules of the box are that you write the name of the person you want dead and chant the spell while stomping your foot on the ground. Pleng uses the box to end the life of Mint, her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend.

Who is Jinnie?

Jinnie is the sister of Boy, Pleng’s current lover. She was also a very close friend of Mint. Jinnie has a strong dislike for Pleng and stirs things up with her by saying that she has been dating Boy for a long time. Jealous as she is, Pleng decides to curse Jinnie too.

Does Boy find out about Pleng’s curse?

Boy and Pleng hook up when he finds his sister’s name on Pleng’s foot. At that moment, he receives a frantic call from Jinnie and rushes to her room to find her strangled by a cord. Pleng regrets killing Jinnie and the curse turns on her. Her foot starts to hurt and a weird outgrowth appears.

The only way to reverse the curse is by burning the box but when she goes to the haunted room, the box is nowhere to be found. In an attempt to relieve her pain, Pleng saws off her own foot and bleeds to death. The next morning, Boy is shown rubbing off Pleng’s name from under his foot.

Beautiful (Episode 3)

Aim is obsessed with becoming pretty overnight and would go to any lengths to look like Dao, the school’s most popular girl. One day, Aim comes across a potion that would make her beautiful immediately after drinking it but with the condition that she would lose everything if she told anyone about this secret potion.

Does Aim drink the potion?

Aim accepts the deal and drinks the potion, becoming popular at school but Dao grows jealous. Soon she finds out that Aim is acting strangely, drinking blood and eating rotten, dead animals. She forces Aim to give up her secret by threatening to release videos of her eating rotten flesh.

Does Aim give up the secret?

Caught in a fix, Aim tells Dao the secret and gets transformed into a monster. Dao drinks the potion and has to deal with the consequences that come after, being hungry at the stench of blood and rotting flesh. She even smells a foetus in the belly of her pregnant landlord.

The Book of Corpses (Episode 4)

Saiparn is the victim of bullying in class. She meets the librarian of the school who saves her from her bully.

In the library, Saiparn comes across the book of corpses in which one can write the name of someone they wish to be dead and even the manner of death.

Does Saiparn get her wish?

Saiparn writes the name of her bully. Soon she finds out that the librarian also used the book to kill a man who had assaulted her. Saiparn regrets using the book when she finds out that to use the book one needs to sell their soul to it.

Headless Teacher (Episode 5)

Waiwan is a teacher who is murdered and her decapitated body is found in her room by two students. The ghost of the headless teacher requests the two students to find her head. The students have always resented the teacher for being strict but finally decid to help her.

Who killed Waiwan?

After a lot of searching, the students find the head of Waiwan in the ground where they also see Teacher Nop suspiciously searching the area. Waiwan’s head informs the students that it was Nop who murdered her when she caught Nop forcing himself on a student and threatened to tell the principal. The two students, in this way, help restore justice for everyone involved.

Lunch (Episode 6)

The school cafeteria’s cook, Aunt Jong’s food suddenly becomes popular one day. A student, who is known online as Clicker, goes to expose the cook’s secret ingredient when he comes across the cook’s dark past: her son was found decapitated.

What does Clicker do to expose the cook?

Clicker is bullied for being insensitive so he tries to frame the cook. When he goes to her kitchen to plant cat bones in her food, he finds human skull bones. It turns out that the cook used her son’s skull bones to cook the meal that became very popular.

By the time Clicker finds this out, it’s too late. The cook kills him and uses his skull bones to prepare another meal for the next day which receives a lot of appreciation until one student recognises Clicker’s neck tattoo floating in the curry and chaos ensues.

Cursed (Episode 7)

Korn is bullied by all of his classmates. One day, three of Korn’s classmates try to get Korn to help them cheat so that they can pass the exams. As per a ghost legend of the school infirmary, if you sit in a wheelchair with your back facing the door, you can ask the nurse ghost for any wish and it will come true. The three bullies force Korn to wish that they pass the exams?

Does the wish come true?

When the ghost comes, she unties Korn and asks him his wish instead. He wishes that the three bullies die and the next day they are found dead.

Soon, Korn wishes that all of the students who bothered him die, and in doing so he makes 33 wishes. The ghost then claims that for every death, Korn will have to trade one part of his body. This way, Korn’s entire body is consumed.

A Walk in the School (Episode 8)

Two boys, Boyd and Tum set out to bust the ghost stories popular in school by walking around the school at night and doing a live stream.

Boyd narrates the ghost stories that are intertwined with the history of the school and finally claims that no ghosts exist when suddenly the ghosts make an appearance. Boyd and Tum try to run away but are stuck on the terrace where the only way is through a mysterious door.

Boyd refuses to go through that door because he now believes in ghosts but Tum insists that they flip a coin to decide. Whoever wins can make the other person do whatever they want. This was reminiscent of another horror story at the school where two boys flipped a coin and the one who lost died.

Who wins the coin flip?

Tum chooses heads while Boyd has tails. Tum flips the coin and it lands on heads. This means that Boyd and Tum will have to go through the door, much to the fear of Boyd.

Many years ago, when Boyd was a little kid, he and his friend had found themselves on the same terrace before the same door and when Boyd’s friend had lost the coin flip, he went through the door and never came back. He cried for help but Boyd abandoned his friend. Tum had recreated the same story.

What happens to Tum?

Throughout the live stream, Boyd had been receiving calls that he ignored. At this point, he is baffled as to how Tum knows about his friend from the past.

That’s when he picks up a call from a classmate who tells him that Tum died that day in a road accident and never made it to school. So, all this while, Boyd had been interacting with Tum’s ghost. Boyd is really spooked.

Does Boyd go through the door?

After flipping the coin, it is decided that both Tum and Boyd will go through the door. Tum goes in first and Boyd follows him.

This time, Boyd doesn’t abandon his friend. Beyond the door, Boyd is reunited with his childhood friend and all three of them, including Tum, are at peace.

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