Scarlet: The Grimm Variations character explained

Scarlet is a “Little Red Riding Hood” that Mr Grey goes after to satisfy his cravings. Mariya Ise plays the character.

Mr. Grey enjoys hunting women in AR and drinking their blood, so he is sent to a madam to get a taste of the real thing.

He goes there without the knowledge of others in his club of “wolves” so that he can hunt in reality.

The madam says that she will be choosing his prey, and he is given a location deep within the ruins of a fallen city.

Her name is Scarlet, and Grey gets a picture of her so that he can identify her.

Hunter becomes the hunted

Scarlet is being harassed by some guy who punches her and threatens to beat her up. That is when Grey intervenes to help her out.

She is initially standoffish but eventually invites him back to her place so that they can get to know each other better.

She gives him something to drink, and it is quite strong for him since he is not used to drinking in reality.

He passes out and wakes up restrained in a lab with Scarlet straddling him. She then tells him that what he assumed was a hunt turned out to be a trap.

She then decides to punish him for his sick desires by picking up a scalpel and cutting him up slowly so that his death is agonizing.

Every single feature of his person that he is proud of and uses to lure women is disfigured as Scarlet comments on the situation.

She visits the madam the next day and says that she craves more blood, having got a taste of what Grey sought out so feverishly.

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