Sathya Nambeesan: Inspector Rishi character explained

In Inspector Rishi, Range Officer Sathya Nambeesan, played by Srikrishna Dayal, turns out to be the mastermind behind the Vanaratchi killings.

When Rishi starts investigating the serial murders in Thaenkaadu, he is assisted by the forest officials, including Range Officer Sathya. 

Similar to Rishi, Sathya refuses to believe that the murders are the work of Vanaratchi, even when officers under him claim to have seen the spirit. 

Sathya is determined to catch the murderers. However, in a turn of events, it is revealed that Sathya is one of the murderers.

Catching the poachers

Sathya’s job requires him to stay close to the forest, and Sathya seems to enjoy it. As he is good at his job, he knows how to handle the animals in the forest. 

He deeply cares about the animals and shows compassion for them time and time again. The fact that there are poachers in the forest bothers him. 

Sathya sets out to catch the poachers, but all his attempts fail. Finally, when Rishi’s team finds a driver who is working for the poachers, Sathya devises a plan to catch them. 

Sathya decides to hide the tiger skin and elephant tusks that are confiscated from the driver in a secret place instead of sending them to the forestry warehouse. 

Forester Irfan, refusing to let Sathya risk his life all by himself, decides to help him execute the plan. Irfan is not merely Sathya’s colleague; he is like family to Sathya. 

As Sathya had planned, the poachers kidnap Sathya and Irfan to locate their goods and are forced to reveal themselves in the process. 

Inspector Rishi Sathya Nambeesan
Sathya is abducted by the poachers

Despite being tortured, neither of them reveals where the goods are hidden. Eventually, Rishi’s team comes to their rescue. 

Now that Sathya knows the identity of the poachers, poaching in the forest is put to an end. However, this success comes at the cost of Irfan’s life, who does not survive the torture. 

Irfan’s death leaves Sathya grappling with guilt, as he believes that Irfan would not have died if he had not involved him in his plans.

Punishing the offenders

It is revealed that Sathya is a Kaanagar. He was young when the tribe performed the ritual that concluded with mass suicide. 

Instead of giving up his life with the rest of the tribe, Sathya chose to escape. A few younger children followed him. 

Sathya and the children were sent to an orphanage by Mukhiya Kaliaperumal to hide their identities from the villagers.

One day, using the knowledge passed down by his tribe, Sathya saves a forest ranger’s life by preparing a concoction on the spot. 

Grateful for Sathya’s help, the forest ranger adopts him. As a result, Sathya grows up in a loving family and eventually follows in his father’s footsteps to become a range officer.

He soon discovers that officers in positions of power are corrupt. Determined to protect the forest, Sathya brings together all the Kaanagar children who had escaped with him. 

Together, they start killing those who harm the forest, making it appear as if it is Vanaratchi’s punishment. They always leave behind eyewitnesses.

Sathya also wins Rishi’s trust by being extremely helpful and open about his life, which leads to Rishi confiding in him often. 

However, Rishi eventually realizes that the killers are among them and decides not to share his new discoveries with anyone except his team.

Only then is Rishi able to catch Sathya and his coconspirators. Now that Rishi knows their secret, Sathya tries to kill him but ends up losing his life in the ensuing fight.

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