Sandra: Red Queen character explained

Sandra is Ezequiel’s daughter who is working with her father to teach a lesson to the rich and powerful. Andrea Trepat plays the character.

Sandra initially offers hope to Carla by pretending to be another one of Ezequiel’s prisoners. However, it is later revealed that she is working with him.

Jon gets a call from the security guard of the housing society and he shows them some intriguing security footage from a nearby gas station.

They see a woman who intentionally showed herself on camera, and Antonia immediately realizes that it must be Ezequiel’s daughter who faked her death.

The real one in charge

Antonia mentions that they’ve been focusing on Ezequiel’s childhood, but they don’t know what Sandra’s upbringing was like.

Even she suggests that her relationship with her father is inappropriate. She uses his guilt to control him and orders him around.

She is the aggressor of the two, and she goes against Ezequiel’s wishes by kidnapping Jorge.

Sandra doesn’t care about her father’s “divine mission” and is more keen on sending a message to Antonia.

She gives Antonia a hint of their location, and isn’t afraid to give the kill order on Jorge and Carla.

Ezequiel’s former teammate says that he met a woman when he was in the mental institution, and Antonia assumes that it was his daughter.

When Sandra comes face to face with Antonia, she reveals that the Red Queen was her target all along, and exhibits some inherent jealousy.

She is bested by Antonia and falls for her trap. Her body isn’t found afterward, and Antonia says it is safe to assume that she might have escaped.

When she learns that Ezequiel’s daughter lies in her grave as she should, the pieces fall into place as Antonia realizes that Sandra was working for Mr. White.

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