Rudra: The Edge of Darkness summary and ending explained

The thriller series ‘Rudra – The Edge of Darkness’ follows DCP Rudraveer Singh, who is flying under the radar, despite being one of the system’s greatest wits at work.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers


DCP Rudraveer Singh (Ajay Devgn) is pursuing a suspect who ends up in a comatose state in the hospital. After an inquiry into what happened, he is reinstated in the force months later, but the time apart has taken its toll on him.

Rudra’s delicate psyche has begun to disintegrate after his wife, Shaila Durani (Esha Deol), a humanitarian lawyer, left him for Rajiv Dattani (Satyadeep Misra). His colleagues are concerned about his mental health.

However, as a sensitive investigator, they continue to rely on him; particularly his departmental head, Deepali Handa (Ashwini Kalsekar), and his co-workers, Gautam Navlakha (Atul Kulkarni) and Prabal Thakur (Tarun Gahlot), who are awestruck by his gut instincts.

Meanwhile, Rudra meets Aliyah Chokshi (Raashi Khanna), a bright and attractive woman whose parents and dog have been murdered, the first of many horrible cases.

When Aliyah pursues him and attempts to complicate matters between him and Shaila, Rudra deduces that she is a psychopath.

Gautam lends a hand to criminals in exchange for money. They’re seeking diamonds this time. Both Gautam and Rudra set out to find JK, the criminal but Gautam does so in order to spare himself from the crime.

Rudra arrives at the hotel where JK is staying and is pursued by Gautam, who attempts to shoot JK. Rudra tries to stop him, but JK is killed before he could say anything about him. Rudra convinces him that he will keep his mouth shut and to make him believe, he gives his gun to Gautam.

However, Gautam does not believe him and fires at him. Gautam takes the diamonds and tries to commit suicide. Later, Gautam goes to Shaila’s home and asks her to call Rudra. When she refuses, he gets angry and points the gun at her.

When Shaila’s dead body is discovered, the search for the killer begins. Will the murderer be punished?

If you have any doubts about the ending, here’s a detailed breakdown.

Rudra – The Edge of Darkness ending explained in detail: (Episode 6)

The murder

Rudra’s residence is discovered to be empty. Rudra’s wife, Shaila Durani, is found dead. Rudra is the target of everyone’s suspicion. Rajiv Dattani, on the other hand, discovers the gathering outside Shaila’s house and breaks after witnessing her body.

Gautam is summoned for a briefing, but he is not included in the probe due to his friendship with Rudra. They want Rudra taken into custody before the word gets out.

Meanwhile, Rudra phones Gautam to tell him that he would come for him for the murder of his wife. Deepali interrogates Rajiv, who discloses that Rudra and Shaila were sleeping together.

Rudra approaches Aliyah and informs her that Shaila is dead and that he did not murder her, and he wants her to assist him.

The pursuit

Deepali is forced to listen to the tape of Gautam’s call with Rudra. Raman travels to the crime site, where Prabal receives a call from Rudra and the gun is discovered in the block 17 gutter while they converse. Raman wants to take it to the lab since he doesn’t want it to be contaminated or vanished.

Rudra allegedly handed Gautam a gun with his fingerprints on it, and this might be the same one. He inquires whether Aliyah is capable of car theft. Then, in a dramatic scene, Rudra and Aliyah seize Raman’s gun, and he tosses the gun into the water.

Gautam is informed by Prabal that Rudra has taken the gun. Gautam requests that Rudra listen to him, and the two agree to meet at the VT station at 9 a.m. Before meeting Gautam, Rudra and Aliyah see someone else.

Deepali inquires Prabal on whether Rudra was the one who assaulted them and stole the gun. Deepali, Raman, and Prabal are informed by Gautam that Rudra wants to meet him. Deepali informs Gautam that tactical support and sharpshooters would cover the whole region as they prepare to capture Rudra.


Rajiv meets Rudra, smacks him and sobs for Shaila’s death. He is urged to arrive by 8:15 A.M. at the police station and is promised that the rest will be taken care of.

Despite understanding the plot, Rudra goes to see Gautam. He informs Gautam that the diamonds in his locker have been stolen. Gautam irritates him by claiming that his wife was shouting his name before she died. Rudra strikes him, but Prabal saves him and Rudra flees. Prabal has been detained and is questioned.

Gautam pursues Rajiv after he steals the diamonds from the locker room.

Raman realizes that Gautam is the culprit after interrogating Prabal. While following Rajiv, Gautam comes to Rudra. Gautam agrees to his crime, which is recorded, after a brief fistfight. Gautam stabs Rudra, but Aliyah and Rajiv emerge out of nowhere. While the cops come, Aliyah shoots Gautam and he dies.

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