Roy Kim: Doctor Cha character explained

Doctor Roy Kim serves as one of the leads in Doctor Cha, playing a major role in the titular character’s journey of self-realization while also growing romantically attached to her.

Jeong-Suk stumbles upon Roy Kim during a high-stakes medical situation, and following that meeting they come across each other many times, under different circumstances that vary in terms of the stakes as well as the severity.

Over the meetings and run-ins, though, the two come to grow a wholesome, adorable bond between themselves.

A lifesaver

Doctor Roy Kim is the surgeon who saves Cha Jeong-Suk’s life. He’s the one assigned to do the operation that can save her life, wherein a matching donor has to step up and donate part of their liver to save Jeong-Suk’s life from the fatal dangers of liver failure.

Amid the drama that ensues from her husband and mother-in-law’s reluctance to going forward with the surgery, Roy Kim really sympathizes with her.

He also really connects with Jeong-Suk in a way true friends do, and the first sparks of affection towards her are apparent in him. Additionally, there are also way too many chance encounters between them and they eventually acknowledge the way they keep bumping into each other.

The charming new guy

The day Cha Jeong-Suk arrives at Gusan University Hospital as a medical resident is also the same day Roy Kim transfers to the hospital as a professor. They meet and strike a proper friendship soon.

Everyone at the hospital is taken by Roy Kim’s charms which is exactly what makes it all the more gossip worthy when he seems to be quite close to Jeong-Suk.

Roy Kim Jeong-Suk Doctor Cha
Image source: JTBC

And it’s true as well, since the professor keeps falling for Jeong-Suk more and more, while also hitting on her every now and then, in a rather low-key, subtle manner.

Meanwhile, Roy Kim also poses some deserved stress and threats to In-Ho, who asks her to keep his relationship with Jeong-Suk a secret from others. This only serves as a thorn for him as Roy Kim and Jeong-Suk really hit it off well and form a special bond right in front of him.

A strong contender

As their friendship grows stronger, the sparks between them also begin to grow wings. Whereas Jeong-Suk is not as romantically inclined towards Kim, the latter is visibily into her.

Meanwhile, her friend catches on to the way the professor looks at her. Not to mention the gossip galore that’s ever present at the hospital regarding their dynamic.

In-Ho, meanwhile, starts to catch up on the chemistry that’s brewing between his wife and the new guy. For the first time in years, he experiences a tinge of jealousy, which is informed by the age difference between him and Roy Kim, the secret of his affair with Seung-Hi that he knows about, as well as the fact that this younger man proves to be a solid contender for Jeong-Suk’s future love life.

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