Rise of Empires: Ottoman Mehmed vs. Vlad ending explained: How does Vlad die?

‘Rise of Empires: Ottoman’ season 2 retells the ‘Mehmed vs. Vlad’ throwdown where the two historical figures lay it all out against each other in a fierce battle for the ages.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Sultan Mehmed II enjoys the might of his rule over the Ottoman Empire and holds the most significant reputation around his name in the world around.

His eyes now glare at the west, with ambitions to seize control over all of Europe. However, there’s a lint in his eyes in the form of Vlad, the Voivode of Wallachia — a vassal state under the Ottoman Empire.

Vlad, along with his brother Radu, were left with Mehmed I by their father, as a guarantee that he would not betray the Sultan and help the Hungarians — something he was strongly suspected of.

Over time, Vlad went on to get coronated for the throne of Wallachia and his characteristic hotheadedness and arrogance, as well as resentment against the Sultan and the empire, drove him to be unruly.

As the threat of his rebellion became the largest it had ever been, Mehmet prepares for battle and moved with his mighty war machine of an army to defeat him.

Vlad and Mehmed face each other, and since both are able fighters as well as clever strategians, the battle is brutal, hard, and hellish. In the meantime, thanks to Vlad’s spies within the Ottoman army as well as the Imperial palace.

However, all the dangers are thwarted and he’s successfully chased out of Târgoviște, with both sides suffering great losses. Fifteen years after the battle, Mehmed II comes across Vlad’s impaled head at the walls of Constantinople.

‘Rise of Empires: Ottoman’ season 2: ‘Mehmed vs. Vlad’ ending explained in detail:

Who won the Night Attack at Târgoviște?

At the end of the gruesome and draining battle between Mehmed II’s Ottoman army and Vlad the Impaler’s Wallachian forces, the former emerges as the victor.

Sultan Mehmed successfully defeats Vlad and while the cruel Țepeș flees, he employs great strategy and crowns Radu as the new Prince of Wallachia.

Having fallen in his stature after the coronation of his brother, and a massive defeat no to boot, Vlad Țepeș flees with the remnant of his forces. Before ‘Rise of Empires: Ottoman’ season 2 ends, Vlad is shown to be riding towards the Hungarian border with some of his close confidants.

How does Vlad the Impaler die?

However, before the credits roll on this season, Sultan Mehmed II is shown to have met Vlad face-to-face for the final time.

During this last meeting of theirs, only one is alive, and the other only a head, impaled on a stake. It’s at the walls of Constantinople where a dead Vlad’s decapitated head has been impaled on a stake.

How he dies is not revealed by ‘Rise of Empires: Ottoman’ season 2, but in real life, the historical records say that Vlad Țepeș was ambushed and killed by an Ottoman patrol, and his decapitated head was later sent to Sultan Mehmed II as a trophy.

Who were Vlad’s spies?

Elena was one of the caretakers at the Ottoman Imperial Palace in Istanbul. She was a Bulgarian woman working as a spy for the prince of Wallachia.

Her job was to kill Sultana Gul Bahar and her family and she comes close to killing them too. However, Princess Mara’s cunning saves Sultana and later on she also catches on to the suspicious Elena.

At the end of ‘Rise of Empires: Ottoman’ season 2, Princess Mara uses her smarts to get Elena to admit her guilt and confess, as well as weed out another spy in the palace, a man who is graciously directed to kill himself with poison.

The Ottoman army on the battlefield also has Vlad’s spies, and one of them is captured by the viziers too. However, his undying loyalty to Vlad stops him from giving up any other names.

The Sultan tries to get him to break but the spy would remain loyal to the Wallachian prince, for which he pays dearly, with his life.

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