Radek’s death in Jack Ryan season 3 explained

Radek loyally worked for Petr Kovac in ‘Jack Ryan’ season 3 until James Greer became suspicious of him, which led Radek to turn against his mentor.

James Greer took over the investigation of former Russian Defence Minister Dmitry Popov’s assassination. Greer went through the CCTV footage of the stadium where Popov was shot.

Popov had come to meet the President of the Czech Republic, Alena Kovac. Radek, Alena’s bodyguard, was the only person who was not present during the assassination.

Greer kept a close eye on Radek. He eventually broke into his house and came across pictures featuring Radek and Petr Kovac, the father of Alena Kovac.

Greer interrogates Petr about Radek

Greer told Petr why he suspects Radek. He asked how Radek was during his university days, as Petr is the one who has trained him. After that conversation, Petr alerted Alexei about their situation.

If Greer coming to their door to ask about Radek wasn’t enough, Zubkov, who was supplying them uranium, also went missing. Petr calmed Alexei down.

Radek's death in Jack Ryan season 3 explained 1
The picture of Radek and Petr discovered by Greer at Radek’s house

Radek later received a call from his wife, who informed him that some officers had broken into their house. They went through everything.

Though Radek tried to assure her that everything is going to be fine, she reminded him of Petr’s nature. He always covers his tracks, and once he finds out that the cops are onto Radek, he will come to take him down.

Radek kidnaps Alena

Radek starts suspecting that Petr will find a way to get rid of him and his family. In order to ensure his family’s lives, he kidnaps Petr’s daughter, Alena Kovac.

Radek’s suspicions came true, as Petr did break into his house. When Radek called Petr, the latter realized that Radek is one step ahead of him.

Radek proposed a trade and asked Petr to come and get his daughter at his country house. Radek tied Alena inside the shed by the riverside. Following that, he laid traps all over the property.

While Petr made his way to the country house, Alena didn’t just give up. She struggled and managed to escape the shed. Radek, on the other hand, waited for Petr with a sniper in his hand.

Petr notices the traps and deliberately detonates one of the grenades set for him. Radek follows the explosion and enters the house, where he finds Alena.

Before Alena could confront Radek, Petr came in from behind and killed Radek in front of her. After watching her father murder someone, Alena got to her senses and realized that Petr is the mastermind behind Popov’s assassination.

Petr came clean and even disclosed that he made his daughter the president to execute his plan. When Alena rejected his offer to join him, he left her on her own.

At this point, Petr didn’t kill Radek just because he became a loose end. He had to deal with him, as he also wanted to ensure the life of his daughter. Nevertheless, Greer figured out Radek’s connection with Petr and the real motive behind Petr’s plan.

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