Who is Professor Ibu Ratna? The Last of Us character explained

In The Last of Us, Professor Ibu Ratna is asked to investigate the first signs of the spread of a fungus in humans. She confirms it and shares one possible way the rest of the human race could survive.

Ibu Ratna is the Professor of Mycology at the University of Indonesia. On September 3, 2003, the cops in Jakarta, Indonesia, pick her up from a restaurant.

They bring her in to investigate a specimen they have found. She quickly recognizes the specimen as ophiocordyceps, having studied Cordyceps her entire life.

Ibu Ratna examines the corpse infested by cordyceps

Upon learning that they recovered this sample from a woman’s body, Ratna claims that this fungus can’t survive in humans. The officer in touch with her gives her a stern look and sends her inside their lab to examine the body they have.

Ibu Ratna wears the required suit and is told to leave as quickly as possible if she feels sick. She notices that the woman has been shot in the head.

Who is Professor Ibu Ratna? The Last of Us character explained 1
Ibu Ratna discusses a possible way to save the human race

The officer tells her to check the bottom of the body’s left leg. Ratna notices a bite mark and the infection spreading around it. She cuts through it and sees fungus inside it.

Ratna proceeds to explore the mouth of the corpse and comes across moving tendrils. These tendrils continue to move out of the mouth. Ratna then wastes no time in leaving the room.

Stopping the spread of fungus

Ibu Ratna asks for details about what happened to this woman. The officer starts explaining that an incident took place around 30 hours ago at a flour and grain factory on the west side of the city.

This woman suddenly turned violent and attacked four of her coworkers. She bit three of them. Her coworkers locked her in a bathroom. When the police came, she attacked them too. Then the cops shot her dead.

The people who were bitten were taken for observation. A few hours later, the cops followed the procedure. They were forced to execute them as well.

Ratna wondered who bit her in the first place. It turns out that the cops have no idea about that, which means there are more infected ones out there.

The officer also reveals that there are a total of 14 employees at the factory missing. Ratna starts shaking. The officer asks for a way to stop the spread of this fungus by creating a vaccine or medicine.

Ratna claims that there is no medicine or vaccine for this out there. According to her, the one thing the officers can do to save some of the human race is to bomb this city.

At least the ones carrying this fungus will die right away, and it won’t spread around the world. Ratna sheds a tear and requests a ride back home. She intends to spend the time she has left with her family.

Later in the second episode of The Last of US, it is revealed that humans did bomb some of the major cities around the world. Joel, Tess, and Ellie come across a location where a bomb was dropped.

Tess reveals that humans targeted big cities like this to slow the spread of the fungus. The attempt worked here in Boston and in some other places, but not in most of them.

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