Princess Tsuyuko: Onmyoji character explained

Princess Tsuyuko is the daughter of Lord Saneyuki Tachibana and she has a very peculiar interest that draws ridicule from everyone else. The character is voiced by Yui Ishikawa.

Princess Tsuyuko had an interest in the outdoors growing up, taking a particular liking to insects. She was an inquisitive child who always asked questions about the world around her and didn’t behave like a “proper lady”.

These interests stuck with her as an adult and it drastically reduced her marital prospects. Lord Tachibana approached Lady Doman to find a solution to this issue, even though Princess Tsuyuko had no interest in getting married and living a domestic life.

Seimei considers Tsuyuko a very interesting person after hearing about her and then when he hears about the insect she was gifted, he decides to visit her.

He finds Tsuyuko providing a massive caterpillar with care and love and tells her about the sekisanko, a creature that is evil and reacts to the darkest emotions within a person.

Pure of heart

Doman has evil intentions for the sekisanko, and Seimei says that he’s ready to exorcise it if the need arises. Tsuyuko insists that her sekisanko, whom she names Karomaru, will not turn out that way.

To Seimei and Doman’s surprise, the sekisanko does emerge as a beautiful, kind creature because of the love and care that Tsuyuko raised it with.

After their initial encounter, Tsuyuko makes regular visits to Seimei’s abode with different seeds so that she can plant them in his garden. She sits by his side when he is inflicted with the curse and she also offers help during the Lord Taizan Ceremony.

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