Prince of Legend (2018) summary and ending explained

Prince of Legend is a Japanese series following the story of 14 men vying for the prestigious ‘Prince of Legend’ title as each enters the championship with something at stake. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Kanade Suzaku (Ryôta Katayose) is a wealthy celebrity prince. His mother, tired of his father’s affairs with women, decided to raise her son as an ideal prince. Right from childhood, she trained him with the mannerisms and necessary skills to become a kind, respectful, and ideal prince.

Years later, Kanade is a handsome prince studying at the Royal Phoenix Academy. He also has two aides always by his side- Seiichiro Kuon (Akihisa Shiono), the first aid, and Gen Kaburagi (Hiroki Iijima), the second aid who’s also vying for the position of the first aid by dethroning Seiichiro.

One day, Kanade is sent by his father to the St. Brilliant Academy to see a girl named Naruse Kanon (Sei Shiraishi), the daughter of one of his former lovers, and check if she’s doing well. Kanade sees the girl for the first time and falls quickly in love with her. However, Seiichiro is not convinced and tries to dissuade Kanade.

Kanade proposes to Kanon. She rejects the proposal by telling him not to push his male fantasy over her. Meanwhile, the visit has evoked interest in the St. Brilliant Academy with the news of Kanade’s visit reaching the chancellor.

On his father’s insistence, Kanade visits Kanon again. This time at her home. Kanon trips and is about to fall when Kanade holds her, accidentally kissing her. Seiichiro consoles Kanade about the kiss being just an accident.

Meanwhile, Kanade, suffering from the memories of the first rude encounter with Kanon, finds it difficult to place his feelings about her. When Kanade’s father returns home, he introduces him to Takato Kyogoku (Nobuyuki Suzuki), the delinquent prince and the son of Kanade’s father from one of his lovers.

After revealing the truth to Kanade, his father asks them both to make Kanon fall in love with them in a quest to make her happy. In return, he offers the Suzaku Group’s assets to the one who succeeds. Hesitatingly at first, both the princes agree to win over Kanon.

Takato’s brother Ryu (Kazuma Kawamura) meets Kanon. When Takato meets Kanon at the St. Brilliant Academy, she responds pleasantly. In reality, Ryu had given Kanon money to act this way. The brief encounter with Kanade, however, leaves Ryu wondering if he has some feelings for Kanon too.

The economy class student Koki Tendo and the student council Chairman Aoi Ayanokoji (Reo Sano) are all keen to know what’s happening with the frequent visits of outsiders.

In her next meeting with Takato, Kanon tells him the truth. Takato does not budge from his stance towards her. He decides to transfer to the St. Brilliant Academy. Aoi Ayanokoji sees all this and plots a plan to get Kanade transferred to the school too.

The English teacher at the academy, Riichi Yuki (Keita Machida), comes to know about the situation. Aoi Ayanokoji proposes Kanon but ends up meeting the same fate as others- refusal. Koki who’s been keeping his feelings at bay for a long time finally decides to open up to Kanon.

Kanade Suzaku arrives at the St. Brilliant Academy. Ayanakoji, jealous of Kanade, decides to flatter Kanon too.

The chancellor and his secretary are excited about this recent influx of princes. The third Prince of Legend Championship is going to be held soon. The title of ‘Prince of Legend’ is given to one deserving prince every three years.

The self-obsessed teacher Riichi Yuki also eyes the title. Wanting to know more about Kanon, he goes to her house where he meets Haru Sagasawa (Shô Kiyohara), Kanon’s neighbour and a brother to her.

Haru Sagasawa has been looking out for Naruse Kanon ever since her mother passed away. Worried about Kanon’s growing popularity with men, Haru decides to enter the Prince of Legend Championship.

Soon, Naruse Kanon tells all the princes that she will date the person who will win the ‘Legend of Prince’ title. All the princes, motivated by their varied reasons, decide to take part in the championship.

If you have any doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Prince of Legend ending explained in detail:

Naruse Kanon makes a choice

In the end, Naruse Kanon informs all the boys that she will date the person who wins the Prince of Legend Championship. This made the princes, who were otherwise uninterested in the championship, take part in it.

It was the offer of ten million Yen by the chancellor that made her change her mind. The chancellor offered her money to play the part and get all the princes to participate in the competition.

Chancellor Mitsuhiko Jissoji (Ryô Katô) is dedicated to finding the next ‘Prince of Legend’ and popularizing the championship in the whole world. For him to achieve his goals, all the new princes who have transferred to St. Brilliant Academy must participate in the championship. He uses Naruse Kanon as bait to make all the princes participate.

Love-Hate Situation

Kanade Suzaku is a charming prince who has always flattered every girl he has come across. The rejection by Kanade transformed his whole opinion about the girl.

He feels humiliated and tries to take revenge. His attempt to win her love fails as each meeting turns to an unpleasant one. He thinks that she irritates him and he hates her. But his half-brother tells him that it’s the opposite.

Kanade continues to find it hard to place his feelings for her. It becomes clear by the end that he also loves Kanon but refuses to admit his true feelings for her.

Naruse Kanon is also seen pinching her cheeks often throughout the series. It reminds her of someone. Kanon is keeping some of her secrets too.

Prince of Legend Championship

Kanade Suzaku tells his father that he will no longer be winning over Kanon for his money as it blurs the objective in front of him- to get revenge. Takato also tells Mr Suzaku that he loves Kanon and it’s important for him that Kanon doesn’t think he’s trying to woo her for money.

Ryu Kyogoku has some affection for Naruse Kanon but he hides it secretly. He joins to support his brother. Haru Sagasawa just wants to keep an eye on the prospective dates of Kanon. Aoi Ayanakoji wants to beat Kanade and prove that he’s better.

Riichi Yuki feels he’s the rightful owner of the title. Koki desperately feels that he must protect Naruse Kanon even if she doesn’t respond to him.

All the princes, along with their loyal aides, decided to finally participate in the contest. All the 14 men must now compete for the one title and the one who succeeds will become the ‘Prince of Legend’.

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