Percy Jackson and the Olympians (2024) summary and ending explained

In Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the titular character discovers he is a demi-god and is immediately sent on a quest to stop a war between the Gods. The series is streaming on Disney+.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Percy Jackson faced ridicule growing up because he claimed that he could see magical creatures often.

He was considered a troublemaker and constantly had to shift schools. His mother, Sally, stuck by his side and would tell him the stories of the Greek Gods to soothe him.

When Percy shows signs of having magical powers, he is attacked by a Fury of Hades. He is expelled from school and his mother Sally takes him to their cabin by the coast.

There, she tells him that he is a demi-god, and his father is one of the Greek Gods. His best friend, Grover, turns out to be a satyr and his assigned protector.

They have to rush to Camp Half-Blood, a camp for demi-gods to learn about their heritage. This is because demi-gods are sought out by monsters when they reveal themselves.

Sally sacrifices herself when they’re being chased by a minotaur, and Percy kills the monster.

At camp, he meets his teacher, Mr. Brunner. His real name is Chiron, and he is a centaur responsible for teaching the children.

He also meets Annabeth, Luke, and Clarisse, other demigods like him. Percy finds out that he’s the son of Poseidon, and is sent out on a quest.

Someone has stolen Zues’ master bolt, and he believes Percy stole it for his father Poseidon. Percy has to find it and stop a war between the brothers.

Percy agrees to go because he wants to get his mother back, who was saved by Hades and is probably in the Underworld.

He travels with Annabeth, the daughter of Athena, and Grover. During their travels, they are hunted down by Alecto, face off against Medusa, and attacked by Echidna.

All the while, they try to solve the mystery of who stole the bolt. They encounter Ares, the God of War, who offers to help.

He sends on a side quest to retrieve his shield and promises to help them find a way to the Underworld where Hades most likely has the bolt.

Grover believes that Clarisse might have stolen the bolt for Hades, and Ares is protecting her.

Meanwhile, Percy has been having dreams where a strange figure has been discouraging him from the quest.

Ares sends the trio to Las Vegas to meet Hermes, who says that he would like to help but prefers not to interfere.

He has a tenuous relationship with his son, Luke, and they attempt to persuade him by saying that helping them might bring him closer to Luke.

He doesn’t listen so they steal his car instead. He’s aware of it and leaves them a map to get to the Underworld.

When they finally get there and face Hades, the god says he doesn’t know anything about the bolt and is ready to return Sally if he gets his helm back.

Someone used the helm to turn invisible and steal the bolt and framed Percy for it to intentionally start a war between Zeus and Poseidon.

Percy deduces that it was the titan Kronos, Zeus, and Poseidon’s father. Kronos was defeated by Zeus and is now gathering his strength to return.

Percy promises to find the helm and return it to Hades as long as he returns Percy’s mother.

Ending explained:

Getting back the helm

Percy returns to the coast by his cabin where he meets Annabeth and Grover. Ares shows up to kill them and cover up his plan.

Percy challenges him to combat and if he draws first blood, Ares has to return the helm. He mentions Kronos’ name which infuriates Ares.

Percy successfully draws first blood and Ares abides by the condition. Alecto takes the helm and wishes Percy good luck for what is to happen next.

Facing the gods

Percy tells Grover and Annabeth that he must return the bolt to Zeus and stop the war from happening.

They warn him that Zeus will not listen but he insists that it is the only way. He asks them to go back to camp and warn Chiron about Clarisse working with Kronos.

He goes into Olympus and returns the bolt to Zeus. Zeus commands him to return so that he can wage war, but Percy stands his ground.

Zeus is about to attack him when Poseidon shows up to save his son. He concedes the war so that Zeus will end the conflict.

They decide to have a meeting of the gods and decide what to do about Kronos. Percy finally gets to meet his father, but after a few words, Poseidon sends him back home.

Betrayed by a friend

Percy returns to camp and finds Clarisse still there. Luke says that they needed to wait for Percy to return with concrete evidence against her.

Annabeth chooses to keep an eye on Clarisse while Luke takes Percy into the woods for a secret meeting with Chiron.

However, it was Luke who stole the bolt after being swayed by Kronos. He hated his father, and in turn, considered all the gods his enemy.

He tries to recruit Percy to Kronos’ side, but Percy stands for what is right. They duel each other until Annabeth reveals herself and says that she heard everything.

Luke escapes and Percy and Annabeth tell Chiron the truth.

Percy returns home to see if Hades returned to his mother. Annabeth leaves camp to spend time with her father and live as a kid for once.

Grover gets his searcher’s license and sets out to look for Pan, the God of Nature. Percy is reunited with his mother but continues to see Kronos in his dreams.

Kronos says that Percy’s survival is key to his return.

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