Pancho Reyes: ¡Que viva México! character explained

Pancho Francisco Reyes is a middle-class man who has to visit home after the death of his grandfather and has to deal with his relatives. The character is played by Alfonso Herrera.

Pancho works as a supervisor at a factory under a boss with no morals or shame. He dreams of becoming a general manager one day but his boss keeps pushing the goalposts for him to achieve that dream.

One day, he receives a call from his father letting him know that his grandfather, Francisco, passed away and that he will not be buried until the entire family is present for the funeral.

Pancho isn’t interested in going but after having a nightmare where he sees his grandfather digging up gold in their family mine, he has a change of heart.

Living the good life

Since the rest of the family has been living in extreme poverty, they believe that Pancho is rolling in the dough since he’s coming from the city. They are constantly borrowing money from him and commenting on how rich he must be.

Pancho Reyes: ¡Que viva México! character explained 1
His family hosts a feast to butter him up

None of them know the truth that concerning city life, he’s just a middle-class man with mortgages and debts that need to be paid off before he can live comfortably. His wife’s propensity to spend extravagantly doesn’t exactly help.

He tolerates them by telling himself and his family that soon as Francisco is laid to rest and the will is read out, they will leave.

The favorite grandchild

At the reading of the will, the notary states that Pancho will inherit all of Francisco’s most valuable belongings such as the house, the land, the family mine, and Francisco’s safe.

Pancho just wants to settle the affairs and go back home while his relatives all want a piece of the inheritance for themselves. Things get complicated when Pancho finds gold bars in the safe, putting him at odds with the rest of the family.

Pancho Reyes: ¡Que viva México! character explained 2
Pancho Reyes leaves La Prosperidad a defeated man

He hides it, kills a family member in self-defense, goes to jail for a month, and then searches endlessly before going back home to Mexico City where he loses his old job and is stuck living a miserable life.

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