Overhaul summary and ending explained

Overhaul follows Roger, a truck racing driver who loses everything one day, only to receive a risky but lucrative offer from a gang of thieves who ask him to be their getaway driver.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Roger is a truck racing driver who keeps losing his races to the “Queen” Débora, who likes him but he’s too unwise to get past his bitterness and be a more gracious loser. His father can’t help him anymore as well and they have a strenuous relationship.

Things really go down for him when his father dies moments after having a fight with him and Roger loses all his sponsors, thanks to his losing streak. Furthermore, he has to pay his father’s debts to a gangster named Odillon.

He offers Roger a way out of his financial rut, which is to work for his cargo robbery gang of thieves as their getaway driver. Roger is reluctant but in the face of crippling finances, he relents, also taking his coach and best friend Danilo as his partner.

They have an incredible streak of wins with their commercial situation improving significantly. However, their last getaway ends with Danilo’s death. Roger tries to move away from his criminal life while trying to help Danilo’s daughter find a home.

However, he can’t escape the life of crime because it also chose him, and now that he finds himself between the gang who kidnaps Bárbara and the police who force him to help them nab Odillon and all the other big players, he goes for a last ride.

He successfully gets Bárbara free and also helps police arrest the gang. He serves his two years and gets released, ready to resume his life with a new slate with Débora and Bárbara, as Overhaul concludes.

Overhaul ending explained in detail:

How does Danilo die?

Danilo was reluctant to the whole equation that Roger had gotten himself into. Roger was offered by Odillon to pay off his debts and then make solid cash for himself on the side doing getaway driving for the cargo his gang steals.

Roger needs a partner on such daring and dangerous getaways, and he can only rely on Danilo, his coach at the truck racing team, and also his best friend. Danilo eventually agrees and brings his tech skills to the robberies and getaways.

They make more money with every job they do and eventually, they are back on track with the racing, with the new equipment and salaries they can afford propelling them to the top. That’s when both decide it’s time to quit their criminal activities.

Their last ride is the riskiest as they encounter a police checkpoint when they least expect it. The policemen open fire and one of the bullets hits Danilo before he bleeds to his death. This marks the beginning of the third act of Overhaul.

Does Roger save Bárbara?

After Danilo’s death, Roger continuously ignores Smokey’s calls and instead focuses on his races and taking care of Bárbara, who’s Danilo’s daughter and now Roger’s responsible for keeping her with him, illegally, until he can find her family.

However, Bárbara has no family which is why she keeps lying to Roger. He eventually finds out and she reveals that she doesn’t have anyone left to call her own. Smokey sends Sketch to threaten Roger and call him.

Roger says he’s done working for him and is quitting now that he also has Toledo back as his sponsor. Smokey gets Toledo killed to send Roger a clear warning and later kidnaps Bárbara.

Roger has no choice but to oblige and go for another robbery, which is supposed to be a big score. Meanwhile, he’s threatened by police officer Alfonso to help them arrest Odillon, Smokey, and the rest of the gang.

Roger successfully steals the cargo truck and brings it to Smokey, and as per the deal, the gangster lets Bárbara go, who is picked up by Débora, Roger’s race rival and love interest.

Once she’s free, Roger steals the cargo back from Smokey and drives away, eventually parking it at an abandoned place with a tracker attached to it.

It is a setup to arrest Smokey, who arrives there with his men and ultimately surrenders when the police open fires and overwhelm his gang. Overhaul‘s climax sees Smokey and his associates as well as henchmen all get arrested.

What happens to Roger?

Roger goes back to racing as soon as he dumps the cargo truck at the spot. He wins his race against Débora, thanks largely to Bárbara’s guidance. Odillon visits him regarding the bust when Roger tells him that it’s over.

That’s when the police arrive and arrest Odillon. Alfonso then asks Roger to come with them without putting cuffs on him.

Roger serves a two-year sentence after which he gets out of jail, to be greeted by Débora, who has taken the legal custody of Bárbara, who’s also come to pick Roger up. As he and Débora kiss each other, he looks ahead to life with a new slate, as Overhaul rolls the credits.

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