Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste explained: Does the company still exist?

Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste is a Netflix documentary film that retraces the rise and fall of the titular sexual wellness brand, with the former members of OneTaste levying damning allegations against the company.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste follows the real-life events related to and surrounding the titular sexual wellness brand.

OneTaste was founded by Nicole Daedone in 2001 and quickly gained great fame and subsequently, not-so-great notoriety in light of harrowing allegations against it.

Nicole Daedone, a successful and powerful orator of her brand, claimed that women could achieve enlightenment through what she called “Orgasmic Meditation”.

Shortened as OM, the technique became the foundation for her sexual wellness startup, which quickly gained loyal followers, most of whom were sexually starved and reserved individuals looking to gain more sexual liberation and confidence.

What began as an impressive new startup quickly rose to new, unprecedented levels of fame and following.

However, fame and success were soon followed by a series of shocking new stories of former OneTaste members and employees having harrowing experiences while there.

Soon, allegation after allegation, all ranging from extreme to horrific in their severity, started surfacing and the sexual wellness company came crumbling down.

Orgasm Inc sees many former OneTaste members allege the company of pay cuts and inconsistent monetary compensation; many allege that it was a cult. However, the most horrific of all allegations were that of sexual assault and violence against women.

OneTaste still exists, under a new name, and Nicole Daedone has sold off her stake in the company. The FBI is actively investigating the allegations but no charges have been brought against the company yet.

Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste explained in detail:

Did OneTaste promote sexual violence against women?

Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste presents a series of interviews with former members of the sexual wellness company.

Among the many damning things they said against the brand, the most harrowing ones have to do with the allegations of sexual assault and violence that OneTaste allowed and encouraged within its premises.

Some former members in the documentary explicitly claim that OneTaste was a cult and it allowed and fostered a culture where women were disabused of their notions about rape and abuse by subjecting them to said atrocities.

The documentary also shows clips of OneTaste founder Nicole Daedone, where she reduces the act of rape to essentially being a victim story.

Some clips also show her sharing her opinion that sexual predators are just “love bugs” crying for love. Needless to say, these clips support a lot of what Orgasm Inc‘s narrative explores about the allegations.

The documentary, however, also mentions that OneTaste has denied any and all allegations of such nature. It also notes that the FBI has questioned members of OneTaste regarding the same allegations and that no charges have yet been filed against the company.

Was OneTaste a cult?

Netflix’s Orgasm Inc shows a number of clips from the archival footage as well as the interviews of the former members that mention or imply that OneTaste was a cult.

Nicole’s own orgasmic demonstration was performed under aesthetical conditions eerily resembling that of a cult.

Additionally, the former members interviewed for the documentary also claim that they were indeed in a cult, citing how they still have some tendencies imparted to them due to or by OneTaste, again resembling a pattern exhibited by cults.

What happened to Nicole Daedone and OneTaste?

Orgasm Inc reveals towards the end of its runtime that Nicole Daedone sold off her stake in OneTaste in 2017 and went abroad.

However, later on, one of the interviewees and a former member of OneTaste, claims that Nicole Daedone currently stays at “The Land”, which is a farming house where many members of OneTaste now live.

The documentary also claims that the company has rebranded itself as ” The Institute of OM”, and that Nicole Daedone is, according to its sources, currently looking for a ghostwriter to collaborate on a book about “cancel culture.”

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