Old Scott: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off character explained

Old Scott is a version of Scott Pilgrim from the future who wants to make sure his younger self avoids making the same mistakes he did. The character is voiced by Will Forte.

Old Scott pulls Scott through a portal and brings him to his own time, 14 years in the future. He takes Scott to a mansion and shows him a VR simulation of his life, which shows him marrying Ramona after defeating the League.

However, it ends in divorce and Scott is heartbroken by it. He now performs in a mediocre band with Kyle and Ken Katayanagi called Pop’n Twinbee. Old Scott also reveals that he’s living in Old Wallace’s house on a temporary basis.

He took Old Wallace’s sarcastic suggestion about stopping Scott from making the same mistakes he did and turned it into a reality with the help of the Twins’ robot, Robot-01.

Old Wallace says that Old Scott is doing 10 times worse than they were when Envy Adams broke up with them.

Older Scott

Old Scott had a backup plan in case Scott made it back to Ramona in his own time. He put nanomachines coded to Ramona’s DNA in Scott’s drink at Old Wallace’s house.

They generated the Anti-Kiss field that stopped Scott and Ramona from kissing each other. He realizes that his plan doesn’t succeed so he pulls them all to a different location to put an end to them once and for all.

He trained for 10 years, living like a monk, and learning all of Scott’s weaknesses so that he can defeat his younger self.

Old Scott: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off character explained 1
Older Wallace went crazy over the years

He defeats the League and all of Scott’s other friends and only Ramona and Scott are remaining. He is about to defeat them too when Future Ramona shows up and asks him why he didn’t just reach out to here.

Older Scott shows how oblivious and immature he is right then because he doesn’t realize that he can solve his problems with her by communicating.

He is sent back to his own time to start fixing the problem by the super-powered Ramona.

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