Gideon Graves: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off character explained

Gideon Graves is Ramona’s 7th evil ex and leader of the League of Evil Exes in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off. Jason Schwartzman reprises his role from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Gideon Graves is a mogul who owns 2 record labels, a movie studio, 14 animal shelters, and created The League of Evil Exes. When Mathew Patel invites all the exes to Gideon’s secret lair, it is to challenge Gideon for leadership of the league.

Mathew defeats Gideon in a winner-take-all battle and Gideon is forced to surrender everything he has to Mathew. He then retreats to the home of a familiar face in Toronto, Canada.

The trials of Gordon Goose

Gideon stands before Julie Powers and after a moment, she recognizes him as Gordon Goose from North Bay, Ontario. He explains that he created the ‘Gideon Graves’ identity when he leveled up and moved to New York City.

Seeing him going through such a hard time, Julie invites him in. During her investigation, Ramona learns that Gordon is living with Julie so she puts them next on her list of suspects.

Julie reveals that Gordon was a dorky kid from her high school who used to wear “No Fear” t-shirts, earning him the nickname “Fearless”. While everyone else laughed at him, Julie noticed him for what he truly was.

Gideon Graves: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off character explained 1
Gideon Graves’ original name was Gordon Goose

Ramona says that when they were dating, Gordon was a twitchy, rage-filled, impulsive, emotionally abusive, controlling, manipulative egomaniac. Julie mentions that she was initially attracted to Gordon’s ambition and thirst for revenge, but that drained away pretty quickly.

Getting back what was his

While Ramona gets the download of Gordon, he invites Luas over to hang out as friends. They make a complete mess of the house and invite Julie’s wrath when she returns.

After Lucas and Ramona leave, Gordon declares that he has an elaborate plan in the works to get revenge on the one who took everything from him.

Gideon Graves: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off character explained 2
Julie Powers joins Gideon Graves in his evil endeavors

During Mathew’s big musical premiere, Gordon rigs the rafters above the stage with tons of dynamite. He discloses his plan when they are all transported by Older Scott, but when they return Mathew has the explosives defused.

Gordon and Julie and taken to Mathew, and Mathew explains that he doesn’t want the pressures of heading an empire. He offers Gordon control of everything again as long as he gets to star in the musical.

Gordon accepts and later on, he and Julie closely observe Ramona from his evil lair, presumably with a new plan to ruin her life.

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