Oh Deok-Rye: Doctor Cha character explained

Oh Deok-Rye is the titular character’s mother in Doctor Cha, and an important part of her daughter’s life, while also serving as one of her greatest support systems.

Jeong-Suk has spent twenty years of her life as a housewife, taking care of others relentlessly while the return on investment in terms of familial affection and care has been low to very dire.

Through her toughest moments in life, and at death’s doorstep, it’s not her in-laws or her own husband that cares for her the most, but her mother Oh Deok-Rye, who seems to be the only one concerned enough that a selfless person like her daughter is going through such a time of need, only for her loved ones to remain apathetic and cowardly as ever.

Caring & compassionate

Oh Deok-Rye works as a caregiver at a geriatric hospital, so caring is part of her job. However, as a mother, she’s even more tender and affectionate towards her daughter Jeong-Suk, since she’s often the only one her daughter has by her side.

When she learns that the alternative medicine she brought Jeong-Suk ended up adversely affecting her, she went to the place that sold the medicine and wreaked havoc, blaming them and herself for the state of her daughter.

Oh Deok-Rye Doctor Cha
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She also curses Jeong-Suk’s husband and his mother for growing cowardly cold feet when it comes to trying and saving Jeong-Suk’s life. She tries her best to come up with a donor who can save her daughter’s life.

Her compassion isn’t confined to her loved ones, though, as she also remains compassionate towards Kwak Ae-Sim, despite hating her guts for how she’s treated her daughter. When she recovers from her surgery, Oh Deok-Rye brings her a tasty rice punch.

These little gestures are something she has always extended to her daughter’s family.

Fierce & clever

Oh Deok-Rye is also quite witty and has a knack for adding things together. She’s also a rather great observer. She’s the first one among all to learn that Kwak Ae-Sim is having an affair.

She also confirms it when Kwak Ae-Sim goes for a medical check-up right at the same time as her. While under anesthesia, Kwak Ae-Sim mutters about her boyfriend, and Deok-Rye confirms that she’s indeed in a secret relationship.

She’s also no fool to just digest the fact that Kwak Ae-Sim would be so respectful and kind in her words when she brings her an expensive gift, claiming it to be a gesture of thanks for taking care of her with that rice punch at the hospital.

Deok-Rye sniffs out the suspicion within, thinking to herself that the full picture is something else, inching closer to finding out the truth behind Kwak Ae-Sim’s guilt and her son’s promiscuity that has been kept hidden from Jeong-Suk.

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