Noa: Muted character explained

In Muted, Noa is the adopted little sister of Sergio, with whom Sergio had a very strong bond. After getting out of prison, he seeks to reunite with her.

The night Sergio apparently killed his parents by pushing them off their house’s balcony, Noa was present at home. After committing the crime, Sergio went back to her room to comfort her.

Sergio got arrested, and since then he has been away from Noa and doesn’t know where she is. At the time he killed his parents, Sergio was still a minor. He served six years in prison before being released.

Sergio comes out of prison seeking to reunite with his beloved sister, Noa. To do that, he contacts Marta, who used to teach piano to Noa, and even his aunt and the rest of his family.

The fact that Sergio is vulnerable and not a psychopath is revealed when he makes Marta sit with him and watch the videos recorded by Noa. His reaction to these videos suggests that he has a heart too.

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These videos also reveal that Sergio was on medications. According to Sergio, only Noa didn’t see him as a monster.

Where is Noa?

While investigating Sergio’s case, Ana becomes more involved than required. She starts taking all of this personally. It is later revealed that she worked under Blanca, and they both had a kind of mother-daughter relationship.

When Marta abandons Sergio, thinking that he leaked her sex tape, and Sergio ends up in an argument with Natanael, Sergio stops going out of his house. He doesn’t go to the police station for sign-ins either, giving Cabrera the perfect reason to end Ana’s experiment.

Noa: Muted character explained 1
Noa sees her brother after a very long time

This makes Ana use her ace, which is her adopted daughter, who is none other than Noa. Ana doesn’t share a good relationship with any of her friends. She feels lonely in her own marriage and isn’t close to Noa either, who doesn’t like Ana because she manages to mess things up all the time.

According to Ana’s husband, Beñat, Noa is the only good thing that has happened to their marriage. He isn’t willing to let anything happen to her. Meanwhile, out of desperation, Sergio makes a deal with his aunt. In exchange for Noa’s number, he offers her his grandfather’s inheritance.

Sergio contacts Noa through that number, and it is Ana who receives his message and shows up at his door. She helps him contact Noa, but Beñat protests and doesn’t allow them to talk to Noa. Eventually, Noa makes the decision to meet her brother.

Noa reveals the truth

Ana spends time with Sergio and comforts him. He soon opens up and shares what transpired the night his parents died. He says his mother wanted to medicate Noa too. For the first time, he stood up against her, and so did his father, Javier.

Javier and Blanca argued, and that argument ended with Javier pushing Blanca off the balcony. Filled with guilt, he also jumped. Sergio took the blame on himself because he thought no one would believe him.

Blanca was a renowned psychiatrist while he was a kid with a bad reputation. He thought he is a minor, so he will go away for a few years and then come out to reunite with his sister.

Noa hears this story in Ana’s office and leaves to tell the truth. She comes face to face with Sergio and shares that what Sergio said is not true. She saw what happened that night.

Sergio is special as he has an IQ of 154, but he also has problems with self-control. He used to have violent episodes, and his mother tried to help him by studying him and experimenting on him using various drugs.

Sergio experienced a mental block that day. He became a monster and attacked his mother. He indeed pushed her off the balcony, and their father too, when he came to confront him.

Noa agrees that their mother might have been cold and not affectionate, but she loved them, and Sergio killed her. Sergio isn’t able to digest the truth. He asks Noa what she came for.

Noa reveals that she came back only for her mother, Ana, who hugs Noa but decides to stay. Noa then goes back to her father, Beñat, at the end of Muted.

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