No One Gets Out Alive summary and ending explained

No One Gets Out Alive is a horror drama film featuring a Mexican woman, Ambar Cruz, who moves to Cleveland and is trapped in the world of spirits and ritualistic sacrifices. No One Gets Out Alive was released on September 29, 2021, on Netflix.


After her mother’s demise, Ambar Cruz, a young Mexican woman, migrates illegally to Cleveland. She finds work in a clothing factory, however, without a proper and valid ID. Ambar stays two weeks on a budget townhouse motel but moves fast into Schofield Heights, a female boarding house that doesn’t require you to submit an ID proof.

Ambar meets the owner of the boarding house, Red. The building is old and messy, with a hint of darkness everywhere. Red gives a tour and hands the keys to room number 204, informing Ambar that she is the building’s second tenant.

He asks Ambar where she is from and what she does for a living. Ambar’s twisted replies make Red suspicious and he demands one month’s rent in advance. Ambar hesitates but pays him anyway.

Ambar seeks assistance from a co-worker, Kinsi, to obtain a fake ID stating her birthplace as Texas. Kinsi notifies Ambar that the guy who makes it wants 3,000 dollars to make a fake ID with her birthplace as Texas, but 1,000 dollars for Ohio.

It was crucial for Ambar to have Texas as her birthplace. She reveals that during her stay in Mexico, she contacted her mother’s cousin, Beto, and inquired about a job.

Beto, on the other hand, denied assistance because she was not an American citizen and he was not ready to take the risk. In order to land a job interview, she lied that her birthplace was Texas. Beto believed her as Ambar’s mother used to live in Texas too.

In order to pay for the ID, Ambar asks Red to refund her room deposit, but Red declines. Ambar wants to leave the job at the Clothing Factory, but for that, she’d need to ace the job interview, which is not possible without a proper ID.

However, when Ambar keeps having scary visions and nightmares about a particular stone box and spirits, money becomes the least of her concerns.

No One Gets Out Alive ending explained in detail:

How was Ambar trapped?

Ambar’s co-worker Kinsi insisted on lending Ambar money to get her ID before Friday. She trusted her and gave all of her earnings. However, Kinsi vanished the following day with all of the money.

She sought Kinsi’s address from the factory owner, but he refused to divulge any confidential information and said that Kinsi left the job. Ambar then decided to continue working at the factory, but the owner fired her.

Ambar came to the boarding house, where Red promised to return her advance deposit as soon as possible. She kept on having visions of strange spirits and saw them moving around the house at night. One particular female spirit was threatened and trapped by a woman named Maria.

Scared of what she had been witnessing, Ambar contacted Beto and requested that some money be transferred to her. However, when Beto refused to provide the money, Ambar fled the house to save her life.

Red paid Ambar a visit in a diner and informed her that he can give her a refund, and he had kept the money in her room at the boarding house. He asked Ambar to accompany him to get her deposit back. Ambar accepted because she was desperate for money, but as soon as she walked into the boarding house, Red and his brother, Becker, locked her inside her room.

The Story of Schofield Height

The Schofield Heights was passed down to Red and Becker by their parents, Arthur and Mary Welles. Red’s father, Arthur, was an archaeologist who found the stone box during his excavations in Mexico.

According to Red, his father brought the stone box to Schofield Height. The stone box contained a monster, which possessed their father.

Red further clarified that both the brothers stayed away due to Becker’s mental illness, but had returned after they couldn’t afford the medical bills. That was when they found out about their father and how he used to bring women to sacrifice to the monster. Despite the fact that their mother helped Arthur with his plans, he sacrificed her too.

After the confrontation, Red and Becker got rid of their father and decided to move away, but Becker believed he could fix the house. However, he too got possessed and started spending time with the infamous stone box.

He told Red that he needs to perform a few rituals, after which he would stop. That is the reason why Red started the boarding house and lured female immigrants, as they could not be traced.

Ambar defeating the monster

Becker and Red prepare Ambar and other girls (Maria and Petra) for the ritual sacrifice. During the preparations, Beto shows up at the door, looking for Ambar.

Despite Red’s efforts to see him off, Beto enters the apartment after seeing Ambar and her shouts for help. Beto tries his best to save her but is murdered by Becker.

After sacrificing Maria, Becker takes Ambar and chains her to the stone bed. He opens the door of the stone box and leaves.

While the monster crawls out of the box, Ambar subconsciously thinks about her last memory with her mother. Maybe it is a way for the monster to trap and prey on Ambar through her vulnerabilities and trauma.

However, Ambar is able to fight back, and even chokes her mother in her dreams with a cloth when she is attacked by her. The monster can no longer trap Ambar as she had now moved on from the trauma. When Ambar opens the stone box, all she can see is a skeleton and butterflies.

After the chaos is over, Ambar flees the basement and sees an ancient sword hanging in Arthur’s study. She takes it and attacks Red and Becker, who was preparing Petra for the sacrifice.

She is able to tackle Red. However, Becker fractures her ankle and kills Petra. Ambar fights back and finally kills Becker with a piece of the sword’s blade.

She takes Red to the ritual place and ties him up. The stone box is opened and the monster beheads Red, completing the sacrifice.

Ambar goes the door to leave the house, but her ankle magically heals and butterflies surround her. A faint smile spreads across her face, maybe due to the acceptance of the spirit. She doesn’t get out and probably decides to stay to continue the spirit’s legacy.

Her stay justifies the title, No One Gets Out Alive.

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