Nikhil Kapur: Invasion season 2 character explained

The second season of Invasion introduces Nikhil Kapur, a man who is determined to find out what lies inside the alien ship that crashed in the Amazon Rainforest. Shane Zaza plays the role of Nikhil.

At the end of the first season of Invasion, humans strike the alien ship with a nuclear missile, and it crashes in the Amazon Rainforest. The second season sees all the countries of the world uniting to defeat the aliens. For that, they need more information about the aliens.

A rich and famous man named Nikhil Kapur funds an operation that aims to discover what or who lies inside the massive alien ship in order to win the war against the aliens. He will stop at nothing to uncover the secrets of the ship.

At all costs

Nikhil is a self-conceited man who believes that the ship belongs to him because he is the one who has funded the operation. He has been trying to find out everything about the ship for four months, but he has had no success.

He sends some of the world’s greatest minds inside, but they not only fail to communicate with the aliens but also incur psychological damage. When the World Defense Coalition threatens to take over the operation, he sends his men to find Mitsuki, as she is the only person who has made contact with the aliens before.

After a month of looking for Mitsuki, Nikhil’s men find her and bring her to him. He believes that Mitsuki gave humans their only victory in this war. He now wants her to go inside the ship and make contact with the enemy again.

Invasion season 2 Nikhil
Nikhil convinces Mitsuki to go inside the ship

Nikhil thinks that connecting and communicating with the aliens is the only way for humans to find out what they want. Mitsuki is hesitant, as the military used her the last time she made contact, but Nikhil is able to convince her.

Once Mitsuki agrees, Nikhil refuses to let anything stop her from going inside. As he wants to be humanity’s savior, he ignores Dr. Maya Castillo’s warnings about Mitsuki failing her psychological evaluation.

It is only when Maya points out that he is risking the mission that he decides to send Maya to monitor Mitsuki. He refuses to take into account Maya and Mitsuki’s feelings regarding the same, as Nikhil does not care about human feelings. In fact, he considers them one of the great failings of the human species.

He once again proves that he only cares about the mission when he decides to breach protocol and not pull Mitsuki out of the room that has the power source in 15 minutes. He is ready to risk Mitsuki’s life, even though it is not his choice to make.

Like Mitsuki, Nikhil does not trust the military. He also claims that he works outside the system and that he always breaks the rules. Due to this, Nikhil might end up helping humanity defeat the aliens in the war, but his selfish attitude might also cost humanity dearly.

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