Night Teeth summary and ending explained

Night Teeth is a thriller horror that follows the story of two vampires, Zoe and Blaire, trying to execute their master’s plan in order to rule over the humans. Benny, a human, gets caught up in their scheme and is forced to survive the night accompanying them.

The film begins with a prologue that tells how, following a horrific conflict amongst vampires and humans, a truce was made wherein the former promised to dwell in anonymity while humans went on living normal lives and the information regarding vampires ceased to exist.

One important rule that vampires had to follow was not to trespass in the Boyle Heights neighbourhood of Los Angeles, which is safeguarded by Jay Perez. 

Jay and his girlfriend Maria are attacked by a vampire named Victor who has strayed into Boyle Heights, breaking the truce. He kidnaps Maria, igniting a vampire-human battle. Meanwhile, Benny (Jay’s younger brother) is a student who works hard to support his grandmother. Jay, however, is a chauffeur.

Jay cancels his rides in order to find Maria, but Benny insists on covering for him in order to earn a few extra dollars. Jay reluctantly accepts and asks him to pick up two girls from a Beverly Hills residence. Meanwhile, Jay incorporates the assistance of his fellow vampire hunters to rescue Maria.

Benny picks up Zoe and Blaire from a mansion and drives them to a list of parties that Zoe informs him about. Benny discovers Zoe’s phone in the car when the duo are out.

He sees texts by Victor, asking about Jay. Benny goes through Zoe’s luggage and discovers blood-stained cash. Benny flees into the hotel in terror, only to learn that his clients are blood-sucking vampires. Benny attempts to flee, but the vamps kidnap and threaten him.

What follows is a nightmarish crescendo of a battle between the factions that turns bloody. Does Benny manage to survive?

Night Teeth ending explained in detail:

Victor’s plan

The two girls work for Victor and are assisting him in overthrowing the present Vampire rulers so that he can rule over and wipe out the human race. To do so, they are supposed to kill five major bosses.

Vampire leaders abide by the truce and would have banded together to murder anyone who disobeyed the terms. As a result, Victor had to kill them all at the same time.

After killing them, Victor intended to murder Jay when he brought Zoe and Blaire to the final “party”, which is Victor’s mansion. However, his scheme was disrupted when Benny, disguised as Jay, greeted the duo.

Victor believes they can pull the plan off, but not before slaying the upper management, Eva and Grace. While the girls are killing other bosses, he visits the upper management and successfully does his part by killing them.

Night legion’s attack

Benny and the girls are soon ambushed by Night Legion, another squad of vampire hunters, and Benny takes them to his grandmother’s house to hide.

Zoe is having cold feet and calls Victor to tell him that the night is going downhill, but Victor assures her that traveling to Venice to kill Rocko will be their final murder of the night and that they will dominate the city thereafter.

In the meantime, Jay and his friend are called to a meeting by Victor. At the meeting, he discloses his intention to take over the city, as well as the fact that he has killed Jay’s girlfriend Maria and is eating her. Jay shoots him in the head, but his head heals itself.

The scene changes and the two lady vampires proceed to Venice for the ultimate kill, bringing Benny with them. They come across Rocko, who is already skeptical of their surprise visit.

Zoe asks Benny and Blair to go by the pool as she had something private to discuss with Rocko. They go outside and talk, while inside, Zoe plans to kill Rocko but is intercepted by his men. Blaire immediately informs Benny that Victor has Jay, just as they all flee Rocko’s, having failed in their attempt to murder him.

Zoe is hit by one of the Night Legion members, who uses special crossbows that can kill vampires before Benny can drive them away. A full-fledged battle ensues, and Benny gets to flee in the car with the girls, heading to visit Victor.

Blaire requests that Benny drive them to the ‘final location’ on their itinerary just as the sun rises. When they arrive at Victor’s house, Benny insists he must go fetch his brother, but Blaire is scared he’ll die if he takes a fight up with Victor, and advises him to leave.

Benny hesitates, wondering what to do, but heads into the house anyway where he discovers a basement full of kidnapped humans, including Jay, who are blood donors to feed Victor. Benny is caught by Victor before he can rescue his brother.

Benny and Jay’s survival

He tries to strike a deal with Victor, surrendering himself in exchange for Jay. Thinking he caught Victor off-guard, he tries to stab him but fails. Blaire, on the other hand, steps in to protect Benny. The ladies argue, with Zoe declaring that she doesn’t want to do anything without Blaire. When she refuses to stay with her, she is stabbed with the vampire hunting blade by Zoe.

However, before she can kill Blaire, Benny starts the car he parked outside the house’s enormous windows. He had placed a heavy stone on the vehicle’s accelerator pedal. The car smashes through the windows, shattering the glass and letting in the sun, and killing Zoe.

Jay, who has miraculously escaped, warns Benny to leave and that it’s a trap, but he’s too late, and Victor bites Benny’s neck. Blaire, who is still alive, stabs Victor, and Jay pushes Victor into the sunshine, where he burns up immediately.

Benny has lost a lot of blood, so Blaire converts him into a vampire to save him from dying. Jay and Benny get together for supper. According to Jay, everything has changed and a fight between humans and vampires is unavoidable, and they will all have to choose sides. Benny understands and stands to leave. Before going out, he reveals that he’s left Jay a bag full of cash.

Back at university, Benny is seen sitting in the library, studying. He hears giggling and sees his former classmates. The audience can see that he wishes to kill one of the classmates and drink her blood, but he controls himself.

Outside the library, he sees the same classmates again and is almost ready to attack them. However, Blaire comes in time to pick him up. Before leaving, Benny offers his classmates a ride, and the film comes to an end.

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