Night Sky (2022) summary and ending explained

Night Sky (2022) is a sci-fi drama that follows the life of an old married couple who finds a portal in their backyard that teleports people to a wasteland on another planet. The series is currently streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Franklin York (J.K. Simmons) is taking care of his ill wife, Irene (Sissy Spacek), whose never-ending anxiety is taking a toll on her health. Frank is a carpenter and Irene is a retired English school teacher. They are living their last years together in the family home.

Irene gets immobile and Frank starts facing memory loss issues. The doctor recommends proper nutrition and regular check-ups after Irene stops eating. 

Frank’s passionate love keeps him involved in taking care of his wife but stubbornly refuses to move into an old-age home. He dislikes his neighbour Byron (Adam Bartley) and is always grumpy.

Meanwhile, Irene gets consumed with a burning intuition that the stars are trying to communicate with her. The portal’s secret is another reason why they don’t want to move away from the house. It’s located inside the underground bunker in the backyard shed.

The teleportation tunnel leads to an observation room on another planet, which has been visited over 856 times by the couple but never dared to venture outside the door.

Flashback scenes depict the Yorks moving into the family home in the 70s. They have some warm moments with their son, Michael, which is followed by his tragic suicidal death 20 years later.

The portal serves as a venting place for the couple in desperate need of restitution. Irene believes that their destiny lies on the barren planet and decides to walk outside.

As Irene is opening the door to head into the planet, she encounters a blood-covered young stranger – Jude (Chai Hansen). She takes him home and cares for him until his recovery. Upon regaining consciousness, Jude claims that he doesn’t know about his origins.

Frank gets spooked and warns him of endangering his wife’s life. Jude instantly gives off an old-school vibe who is new to technology and urban life.

The plot cuts to a secluded house in Argentina. Stella (Julieta Zylberberg) lives a reclusive life with her daughter, Toni (Rocio Hernandez). She is a seemingly tough woman who’s very strict with her daughter. Toni disparages her for not having a social life or employment.

All of this changes when cultist space traveller Piotr Adamczyk (Guardian) assigns Stella a mission. They belong to an extra-terrestrial cult that aims to protect its people, no matter the means and consequences.

Meanwhile, Jude claims that his father (Gabriel) is somewhere around the town and requests Irene to help find him. Irene sets off with him to find their lost father. In the middle of all this, their granddaughter – Denise (Kiah Mckiman), is also in the town and establishes an affection towards Jude, who’s now the caretaker of the family.

She reveals her thoughts about dropping out of the MBA School to rebase in her hometown, fearing that moving to Chicago is going to remind her of his late father. Frank consoles and advises her to follow her intuition and lead a guilt-free life.

The neighbour Byron has recently pulled off from councillor elections due to the allegations of forged signatures and is determined to prove to his wife that she’s special. He finds out about the portal and confronts Frank.

Frank decides to tell him about the secret, out of frustration against Irene’s growing affection for Jude. Byron enters the portal and decides to walk outside the door but loses contact with Frank.

Stella decides to disclose the secret to Toni, embarking on a mission to kill the apostate (Jude). Toni starts believing that it’s a holy mission and helps locate Jude. The cultist leader rejoins them on the mission.

In an intense face-off against Jude and the Yorks, the leader is apprehended and Stella decides to turn her back against the cult.

While Stella and Toni are heading back to their home, they are attacked by another apostate woman who has been hiding and strategizing to seek revenge against the travelling cultists.

Jude finds the stone of her father and a mysterious code. He decides to travel again with Denise to the deciphered code address. They find themselves in Bangkok.

Frank finally decides to venture into the planet’s atmosphere to find Byron. He heads out with his spacesuit and suddenly loses consciousness. Irene wakes him up to find clear signs of human settlement on the planet.  

Night Sky (2022) ending explained in detail (Episode 8: Compensation):

Conscience vs duty

Toni is sceptical about her mother’s intentions toward Jude. Stella orders her to go with the cult leader who takes the Yorks hostage. Somehow, Irene convinces Stella to not kill him and she refuses to kill Jude.

An intense face-off leads to the Guardian leader getting captured. On their way back, Stella decides to use him as an advantage against future dangers.

‘Apostate’ with many secrets

On their way back home, Stella’s truck gets attacked by a swarm of cars and turns out that it was the apostate who owns the ‘bed and breakfast’ which serves as the base for the anti-cult organisation. She somehow manages to evade and survive getting hunted down by the cult (Guardians).

It is revealed that she was in love with Jude’s father, Gabriel, and is now waging an organized war against the cultists.

The heavenly tunnel

Jude discovers a cypher and a metallic stone with spooky carvings. He deciphers the code and decides to travel to a new destination with Denise. Hoping that it is a direct passage to his father, they find themselves in a Bangkok apartment.

Frank decides to travel outside the door in search of Byron. Irene decides to stay back in the observation room. Frank is ecstatic to discover the new planet but loses consciousness.

Upon regaining control, he finds Irene without a spacesuit, looking towards astonishing human settlements.

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